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7 Days to Die, the main game we host, is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing... Have you tried our 7D2D server hosts? With prices starting from $11.98/mo.

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7d2d server hosting

$ 11.98 /mo

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Choose from over 10 different dedicated game servers

We have optimised the game servers to optimally run and enjoy your multiplayer games.


$ 12.00 /mo


$ 12.00 /mo


$ 12.00 /mo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

$ 15.00 /mo


$ 15.00 /mo

Team Fortress 2

$ 15.00 /mo


$ 15.00 /mo


$ 15.00 /mo


$ 15.00 /mo


$ 15.00 /mo

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas

$ 15.00 /mo

San Andreas Multiplayer(SAMP)

$ 15.00 /mo

Voice Servers

TeaSpeak - VoIP communication

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Gaming Server slots are a thing of the past. Pay for the performance you need.

We have impliment a technology that doesn't rely on game slots you pay for the performce you need and add as many as friends as the server can hold.

game server Load Balancing
[1] Users
Add as many users as the server can support. No fixed game server slots. you have the control to add and delete the users you want.
[2] Load Balancing
Have the ability to use all the server resouces such as Ram for maximum game performance
[3] DDOS protected Servers
Our Game servers are fitted with the state of the art DDOs protection.
Sneak Peek
Our panel with be based on pterodactyl. And will come with power packed features.

xgamingserver control Panel

Our Network Of Servers

XgamingServer has a big network of servers.

7d2d Hosting Server

A dedicated website for 7 Days to Die server rentals.

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A dedicated website for CS:GO server rentals.

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A dedicated website for Rust server rentals.

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A dedicated website for Terraria server rentals.

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A dedicated website for Team Fortress 2 server rentals.

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A dedicated website for Factorio server rentals.

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Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

This will give answers to some of your questions.

How long before my server is online?
  • When you place an order you'll be redirected to the game panel where by your game server will be accessible within minutes.

Can I just rent the server for one month?
  • Renting our game servers comes with no commitment you cancel when you want.

    So be free to rent the server for any time period.

Can I install plugin APIs (Oxide, ARK API, etc.)?
  • The plugin manager automatically pulls all plugins from spigot allowing you to install them with one click.

What hardware will host my server?
  • Was thinking you not going to ask this.

    The servers are hosted on core i7 linux servers with state of the art DDos protection.

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