Baldur’s Gate 3’s ‘Owlbear From the Top Rope’ Attack Deals Massive Damage: A Creative Strategy Explored

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Baldur's Gate 3: Devastating 'Owlbear From the Top Rope' Move Inflicts Massive Damage on Enemies

An incredible tactic has emerged in Baldur's Gate 3 during its second weekend of gameplay. Referred to as the "Owlbear from the top rope," this move has proven to be the most destructive one discovered thus far. It appears to deal more damage than the game developers at Larian Studios originally intended.

Popular Twitch streamer Ellohime decided to employ a clever strategy in his gameplay. Taking inspiration from Matt Mercer's viral crate-stacking stunt in Baldur's Gate 3, Ellohime climbed to a higher vantage point to gain an advantage over his unsuspecting enemies. Utilizing his druid character's abilities, he transformed into a formidable Owlbear, one of the largest playable forms in the game. To further enhance his size and power, Ellohime cast the Enlarge spell on his Owlbear form.

Here's the clever part: the Owlbear's Crushing Flight ability becomes more powerful as its mass increases, meaning that the larger you are, the more devastating the impact. In addition, Crushing Flight completely nullifies any damage from falling, allowing you to unleash a devastating attack on an enemy without any consequences. In the video clip provided, we can see an astonishingly heavy Owlbear, weighing 5005kg, launching itself like a torpedo over a distance of 30 meters, resulting in an astonishing 821 points of bludgeoning damage.

An Owlbear dealt 800 damage from the top rope. Some people were curious about the mechanics, so here's how it works: by using Crushing Flight, the Owlbear is able to avoid fall damage. It can stack boxes, climb, shapeshift, and enlarge itself (or use a jump spell if necessary) in order to increase its height. In a specific example, a 5005kg Owlbear falling from a height of 31.6m would deal 821 bludgeoning damage. The fact that fall damage is affected by weight and height opens up creative possibilities for gameplay. Have fun exploring those possibilities! 😈 [Image: Xgamingserver]

The discovery of Crushing Flight's scaling effect based on mass distribution has been gaining attention among the Baldur's Gate 3 community ever since the game was released last week. Players are exploring the various combat possibilities that arise from this unique feature.

A Reddit user named Fishbleb seems to have discovered a new technique in the game, as they shared a video clip showcasing an impressive 1,170 points of damage. This strategy, known as the 'Owlbear from the top rope' tactic, might be worth trying for players who are having trouble defeating a challenging boss.

Although Larian may be interested in addressing the power of Crushing Flight, it is clear that its implementation in Baldur's Gate 3 reflects the game's expansive and open-ended nature. This game, based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, is so flexible that even the developers themselves are unsure of all the possibilities it holds.

According to a recent tweet by Michael Douse, the director of publishing at Larian, you can engage in a game of fetch with the dog in the game. He mentioned that he was quite certain that the majority of the Larian team was unaware of this feature.

It seems highly likely that the majority of individuals at Larian were unaware of this information.

The move where Owlbear attacks from the top rope is also a classic Dungeons & Dragons move. Similar to Matt Mercer's clever crate-stacking trick, this combination aligns with the unpredictability that is often seen in the tabletop game.

Baldur's Gate 3 stands out for its ability to sincerely address any question or idea that the player presents. The game's different systems work together to create an experience that actively encourages players to try out various actions and see the resulting outcomes.

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