Diablo 4 Dungeon Can Power-Level You In Record Time (But Blizzard Will Probably Fix It Soon)

The Domhainne Tunnels in Diablo 4 are currently the most efficient location for power-leveling. However, it is expected that Blizzard will address this issue soon.

On August 14, 2023, at 11:48AM PDT, Cameron Koch reported.

The recent adjustments to monster density in Diablo IV have resulted in a specific dungeon becoming highly profitable for players seeking to quickly level up.

According to a well-known Diablo content creator named Raxxanterax, players have discovered a method to quickly level up their characters from level 1 to 40 in just two hours by repeatedly running the initial part of the Domhainne Tunnels. This process is so efficient that even speedrunners are now adopting this technique to beat previous records by a considerable margin.

In order to efficiently gather resources in the dungeon, players should avoid completing it entirely. Instead, the strategy is to fight through the initial section of the dungeon without accomplishing the main objective. Once all the enemies in this section have been defeated, players can simply leave and reset the dungeon using the journal. This process can then be repeated. The first area of the dungeon contains a high number of monsters, making it the most lucrative section to focus on. Additionally, there is a chance for events and the Butcher to appear in this area. According to Raxxanterax, progressing and completing the entire dungeon would only result in a loss of time efficiency and experience points.

The latest farming strategy in Domhainne Tunnels aims to replace the previous popular method of leveling quickly, which involved clearing Strongholds without fully completing them. This new strategy has become possible thanks to the recent 1.1.1 update, which increased the number of monsters in Nightmare dungeons and Helltide areas and also provided buffs for Barbarians and Sorcerers.

Based on the patch notes, it seems that the adjustments to monster density in Diablo IV were intended for the game's endgame content, specifically at level 50 and on World Tier III. However, Raxxanterax has discovered that Domhainne Tunnels is currently filled with an unusually high number of monsters in its regular version. It's uncertain whether this increased monster density in the normal dungeon is a mistake on Blizzard's part, but players are quickly seizing this opportunity.

A video by Raxxanterax explaining a strategy for a particular dungeon has been online for two days. There may still be some time before Blizzard takes action to decrease the effectiveness of the strategy. This is not the first time Blizzard has responded to popular farming techniques. They have previously addressed a popular power-leveling method when Diablo IV's Season 1 update was released, and they have also recently made a hotfix to address the best way to farm the game's most powerful Malignant Hearts.

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