Final Fantasy 16 Producer Wishes for a Unified Console Experience

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As reported by Truno on the gaming forum ResetEra, Yoshida recently made an appearance on a Taiwanese YouTube channel called Muyao 4 Super Player. During the interview, he expressed his opinions on the ongoing debate between PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

During a recent interview, Yoshida expressed his personal opinion about game platforms, stating that he believes it would be beneficial if there was only one platform. He believes that having a single platform would be advantageous for both game developers and players.

The remarks are especially intriguing considering Yoshida's most recent game, Final Fantasy 16, is exclusively available on PlayStation 5 (with a PC version coming soon). His other major project, Final Fantasy 14, was exclusive to PlayStation consoles for almost ten years, but it was revealed in July that it will also be available on Xbox Series X and S.

During the Final Fantasy Fan Fest 2023, Yoshida and Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, appeared together on stage to make an exciting announcement about the new version. This news probably brought a lot of joy to Yoshida, considering the things he had said recently.

The game director has not always shown understanding towards the idea that all gamers should have the ability to play any game they want. Instead of considering a PC version, the director directly advised those anticipating Final Fantasy 16 to purchase a PS5.

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