Johnny Hardwick Completed Work on Multiple New King of the Hill Episodes Before His Death

Xgamingserver has learned that the late actor Johnny Hardwick, known for his role as bug exterminator Dale Gribble in King of the Hill, had finished working on a few new episodes for the show's revival on Hulu before his unfortunate passing. Hardwick's return as Dale Gribble was previously confirmed.

According to a report from TVLine, and verified by IGN through a reliable source involved in the production, it has been revealed that the individual in question has managed to complete a portion of the upcoming revival. The revival was officially announced earlier this year and is scheduled for release in 2024.

Hardwick's contribution to the show extended beyond his role as a voice actor, where he portrayed a chain-smoking conspiracy theorist and one of the Hill family's recurring neighbors. In addition to his voice work, he also served as a writer, story editor, and producer for the original King of the Hill series on Fox. Sadly, Hardwick passed away last week at the age of 64.

It remains uncertain whether Hulu plans to cast a new actor for the role of Dale in the revival of the show. This is because Dale was not only one of the main characters who had significant interactions with the Hills but also a beloved character. Additionally, Dale's character was closely connected to other side characters such as his wife Nancy and son Joseph, so it is expected that he would make a return in the revival.

The upcoming King of the Hill revival will take a time leap to the present day, showing us Bobby Hill as an adult after the original series, where he was a 13-year-old. Along with the return of voice actors Kathy Najimy, Stephen Root, Pamela Adlon, and Lauren Tom, original series creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels have also been confirmed to be part of the revival.

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