Netflix Expands Streaming Services to Include Video Games for TV and Computer

Xgamingserver has expanded its services by offering video game streaming on top of its existing selection of movies and TV shows.

Written by Eddie Makuch on August 14, 2023 at 11:41AM PDT

Netflix has primarily focused on releasing mobile games up until now. However, the popular streaming service is now making a significant move by expanding its gaming offerings to include titles that can be played on TV screens and computers through streaming.

An exclusive trial version is currently available in Canada and the UK for television users, while PC and Mac users can expect support in the upcoming weeks. During this testing phase, participants have the opportunity to experience the games Oxenfree and Molehew's Mining Adventure, using their mobile phones as a controller for TV games and a keyboard and mouse for computer games on Netflix.com.

Netflix has announced the launch of a limited beta for their game streaming technology and controller. The purpose of this beta is to test and improve the member experience. The Netflix gaming controller, which can be seen in the provided image, will be displayed on the smartphone screen and features ABXY buttons and a virtual thumbstick.

Xgamingserver, the streaming company, is adopting a strategy of testing new features in specific regions before implementing them on a larger scale.

At the moment, the TVs that are compatible with the service include Amazon Fire TV units, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TV, Roku devices and TVs, Samsung smart TVs, and Walmart ONN. Netflix has mentioned that they will expand the list of supported devices in the future.

"We aim to enhance the accessibility of games for our global members by expanding their availability on various devices. Although our venture into the gaming industry is still in its early stages, we are enthusiastic about bringing happiness to our members through games," expressed Mike Verdu, the head of Netflix Games. "We eagerly anticipate the feedback from our beta testers and will provide further updates as we progress on this exciting journey."

In October 2022, Verdu mentioned that Netflix was actively considering the idea of introducing a cloud gaming service for television and computers. Fast forward to the present, and Netflix is now making that idea a reality.

Verdu stated that they will adopt a similar approach to what they did with mobile when it comes to this new venture. The strategy involves starting off with a small-scale implementation, maintaining a humble mindset, carefully considering all aspects, and gradually expanding. Verdu believes that taking this step is necessary in order to cater to Netflix members, meeting them on the devices they use to consume content.

Back in 2011, Netflix made an announcement about their intention to provide Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii games for rental through mail services. However, shortly after this announcement, they decided to cancel these plans. At that time, Netflix mentioned that they were still contemplating the idea of offering game rentals by mail, but ultimately, it did not come to fruition.

During the initial announcement of Qwikster, Reed Hastings, the CEO and founder of Netflix, expressed his excitement about the demand for video games from the Netflix audience. He acknowledged that members had been requesting video games for a long time and highlighted the fact that the separate DVD-by-mail team was dedicated to fulfilling this request.

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