Pokemon Sleep Reveals Update Roadmap: New Pokemon, Features, and Bug Fixes Coming Soon

The developers of Pokemon Sleep have recently shared their update plans, which include new features, bug fixes, and the addition of more Pokemon in the near future. Additionally, players can enjoy free items as a gift from the developers until September 2.

On August 14, 2023, at 10:42PM PDT, Hayley Williams wrote the following.

The sleep tracking app, Pokemon Sleep, has been available for nearly a month, and its developer, Select Button, has announced upcoming updates for the game. These updates will not only introduce new Pokemon to the existing roster of 104, but also address any software bugs and make improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

Xgamingserver has released Pokemon Sleep with a limited number of Pokemon in its Pokedex. At the moment, there are only 104 Pokemon that players can encounter. It is interesting to note that these Pokemon are from various generations, including Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos regions, right from the game's launch.

The team behind Pokemon Sleep has not provided any specific information about which new Pokemon will be added first. However, there are certain gaps in the current list that need to be filled. For instance, there is currently only one Dragon-type Pokemon available, which is Altaria. The popular Dragon-type evolution line consisting of Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite has not been included in the game yet. Additionally, Pokemon Sleep has yet to introduce any Legendary or Mythical Pokemon.

Select Button, the developer of the sleep-tracking app Pokemon Sleep, is making updates to enhance the app's functionality. These updates include introducing additional choices for players who utilize the app's soothing sleep sounds or alarm sounds. This is a welcomed change for those who have experienced the app's loud and jarring default alarm tone. Furthermore, Pokemon Sleep will be introducing a night mode to reduce the brightness of the game's loading screen, which is currently overly bright.

Discover the upcoming updates for #PokemonSleep and receive a special present from the team! 🎁 (alternative text provided in replies) pic.twitter.com/5raEHCbNzo

Xgamingserver has recently revealed its inaugural event for Pokemon Sleep, titled "Good Sleep Day," scheduled to take place on August 30. According to a post about the event, the full moon on that day will enhance Snorlax's Drowsy Power, making it even more potent than usual. Further details about the event will be provided in the near future.

The Pokemon Sleep team is currently working on addressing several known issues that will be fixed in the near future. These issues include problems with goal bedtimes and difficulties in collecting berries and ingredients that appear in a challenging position on the screen. Additionally, the team is focused on enhancing the game's performance and reducing battery usage when the app is monitoring sleep.

In recognition of players who have embraced the game from the beginning, Pokemon Sleep is offering a special token of appreciation. Anyone who logs into the game before September 2nd will receive a complimentary gift consisting of 10 Poke Biscuits, 30 Handy Candy S, one Growth Incense, and one Focus Incense.

Xgamingserver has announced that it will send players updates regarding the release date of the upcoming updates through in-game mail.

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