Stormgate Unveils New Trailer Featuring Second Playable Faction, Promising an Epic Clash of Technological Might and Demonic Magic

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming game Stormgate, which features a second playable faction. In this game, players will have the ability to control a horde of hellish creatures as they go up against the armies of humanity. Stormgate is set to be released

On August 22, 2023, at 2:11PM PDT, Darryn Bonthuys reported the following news.

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, new gameplay footage of the game Stormgate was unveiled, showcasing the second playable faction in the game. Stormgate is a real-time strategy game that draws inspiration from iconic Blizzard RTS titles. It combines elements of science fiction and fantasy, as it brings together the technologically advanced Human Vanguard armies and the demonic Infernal Host hordes.

The Infernal Host may not have advanced weaponry, but it compensates with magical strength, the ability to control zones and enhance units, and a fearless battle strategy that overwhelms the battlefield with disposable troops. The armies of the Infernal Host can utilize Shroud, a magical energy field generated by important Infernal structures. This enables them to cast powerful Rituals and grants significant benefits to any Infernal units within its reach.

There are three types of units that can be deployed in combat: the Imp worker, the Fiend, and the Brute. The Imps have the main responsibility of collecting resources, but they also have the ability to ignite themselves, causing a devastating explosion called Imp-losion. Brutes are powerful two-headed ogres that can endure a lot of damage, and when necessary, they can sacrifice themselves to release a pair of quick and deadly Fiends.

The game developer Frost Giant recently shared a sneak peek into the music of their upcoming game Stormgate. They are working in partnership with the popular EDM duo The Chainsmokers to create the soundtrack. Alongside The Chainsmokers, talented composers such as Tracy W. Bush (known for working on StarCraft and Warcraft III) and Frank Klepacki (known for his work on Dune 2 and Command and Conquer) will also be producing tracks for the game.

Stormgate is a strategy game developed by former Blizzard developers Tim Morten and Tim Campbell. It is a free-to-play game that aims to capture the essence of popular games like StarCraft and Warcraft. The game features base-building mechanics, asymmetric factions, and a dynamic campaign that can be played alone or with friends in cooperative mode. One interesting aspect of Stormgate is its use of rollback netcode for player versus player matches, which is a unique feature in the genre according to Frost Giant, the game's publisher.

The full version of the game, set to release in 2024 for PC, will come with a custom games editor that allows players to create their own maps, mods, and additional content.

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