Tekken 8 Chief Harada Slams Threats of Violence Over Character Inclusion

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Tekken 8's lead developer, Katsuhiro Harada, has criticized the absurdity of receiving threats of violence based on the inclusion or exclusion of a character in the game.

Harada responded to a Twitter user's demand that Eddy Gordo be included as a playable character in the upcoming Tekken 8.

"When individuals make such foolish threats, it not only affects me but also impacts everyone within the fighting game community (FGC)," Harada stated, highlighting three significant consequences.

In certain situations, event organizers tend to overreact and implement stricter security measures, resulting in higher costs and added difficulties for players. Harada mentioned that there are instances where he might have to cancel his attendance at these events.

In response to these types of threats, two executives of the company approach Harada and request that he remove the "inclusion in the game" aspect. This pertains to the inclusion of specific characters, like Eddy, in Tekken.

In addition, when the individual issuing the threat uses the pronoun "we" rather than "I," the likelihood of the aforementioned points coming true is heightened.

According to Harada, if enthusiasts continuously engage in excessive behavior, repeat certain words and actions, spread fake information or hoaxes, or make threats, it will greatly diminish the motivation of the development team. Consequently, the desires and requests of these enthusiasts will be unlikely to be fulfilled.

Whenever individuals make these foolish threats, it negatively impacts both me and the entire FGC community, as shown in the attached image. One consequence is that event organizers tend to overreact and enhance security measures, leading to higher operating expenses and placing a heavier burden on players who participate in the event. In the worst-case scenario… [link to image]

Harada has been very vocal about his disapproval of toxic behavior within the Tekken fan community, not holding back in his responses to negative tweets from supposed "fans".

Harada responded to a Twitter user who criticized his tweet by thanking them for their useless reply. He expressed his astonishment at the user's incomprehensibility and suggested that they should seriously consider studying more. He bid them farewell.

I appreciate your response, but I find it to be irrelevant and without substance. I haven't encountered someone who is as incomprehensible as you. It would be beneficial for you to invest some time in furthering your knowledge. Goodbye.

It seems that Harada has reached his limit when it comes to these types of threats, which have become more common as the roster for Tekken 8 starts to take shape. Harada's tweet gained a lot of attention, with 2.3 million views and becoming a trending topic on Twitter. Harada expressed his disbelief and frustration by tweeting, "Is this for real?"

Wow, can you believe it? Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of Tekken, expressed his surprise and disbelief by tweeting "lol seriously?" along with a link to a website. The tweet was posted on August 10, 2023.

The tweet by Harada serves as a strong reminder of the alarming mistreatment that video game developers frequently experience at the hands of supposed fans. This issue has persisted for a long time and unfortunately, there are no signs of it getting better. Bungie, the developer of Destiny, made a statement in July stating that they will no longer engage with the game's subreddit due to the abuse they have received.

In recent news, it has been confirmed by Harada that Tekken 8 will not be utilizing Denuvo, an anti-piracy software. This confirmation was made in response to a tweet that has since been deleted, which pointed out that the End User License Agreement (EULA) for Tekken 8 on Steam mentioned the use of Denuvo under the third-party software category.

According to Harada, it seems that this End-User License Agreement (EULA) is likely just a replica of the one used in Tekken 7 or something similar. However, he has clarified that there are no intentions to incorporate Denuvo or any other similar technology in Tekken 8. Consequently, he urges people to stop overreacting to every little thing and simply remain calm.

The EULA mentioned here is likely a replica of the one used for TEKKEN7, although the author cannot confirm this. In any case, there are no intentions to incorporate Denuvo or any other similar measures in TEKKEN8. Therefore, it is requested that individuals cease their repetitive negative responses to every single aspect and remain quiet. The tweet can be found at the following link: https://t.co/oT1Wj9VTpd.

The highly anticipated game, Tekken 8, will be released on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. For more information about the game, you can read a hands-on preview on Xgamingserver.

Wesley is the editor in charge of UK news at IGN. You can follow him on Twitter at @wyp100. To contact Wesley, you can reach him at wesley_yinpoole@ign.com or send a confidential email to wyp100@proton.me.

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