Telltale Games Confirms The Wolf Among Us 2 Still in Production Despite Recent Layoffs

Telltale Games has expressed regret over the recent layoffs and has assured that they are providing support to all those affected by the situation. Additionally, the company has confirmed that the development of The Wolf Among Us 2 is still ongoing.

Published on October 5, 2023 at 5:05PM PDT, this piece was written by

The game development company Telltale Games, known for creating narrative adventure games like The Expanse and the upcoming The Wolf Among Us 2, has allegedly laid off a considerable number of its employees. Jonah Huang, a former cinematic artist at Telltale, revealed this information on Xgamingserver today. According to Huang, the studio let go of "most" of its team in early September without much public announcement.

In a recent tweet, a game developer, known as jjonahjonahson, revealed that Telltale laid off a significant number of employees in early September. Due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the developer couldn't provide any information about the status of TWAU2. However, they emphasized the importance of focusing on their own game and called for the games industry to unite and form a union. This tweet is part of a series of messages on the topic.

Huang revealed that the development team for The Wolf Among Us 2 was already quite small. He mentioned that the laid-off employees had agreed not to harm the company and were bound by non-disclosure agreements, which prevent them from discussing the current state of the game.

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In response to the layoffs, a representative from Telltale Games expressed that the company is taking this situation seriously. They reassured that all ongoing projects are still being worked on.

As a result of the current state of the market, we unfortunately had to lay off some members of our Telltale team recently. This decision was not made lightly, but our dedication to storytelling and exploring innovative methods to do so has not wavered. We appreciate the dedication of everyone involved in this journey and are working to provide support to those affected. All ongoing projects are still being worked on, and we do not have any additional updates to share at this time.

Telltale has not provided further details regarding the number of employees who were let go or the compensation they will receive. Although the company states that all projects are still being worked on, it is uncertain how these layoffs will affect the studio's planned release dates.

Regrettably, Telltale Games has experienced layoffs in the past. In 2018, the entire staff was unexpectedly laid off, leading to the closure of the studio. However, the studio was revived in 2019 under new management and seemed to be thriving. In the same year, they announced the exciting news that The Wolf Among Us 2 was in development and set to be released in 2023. More recently, Telltale Games released the final episode of the first season of The Expanse and also made a strategic move by acquiring the production studio Flavourworks, which is based in the UK.

In 2023, Telltale Studio joined the growing list of game companies that have been hit by layoffs. Over the past few months, numerous developers from various studios, including Epic, Embracer, Blizzard, BioWare, and CD Projekt Red, have been let go. This has made 2023 a particularly challenging year for the gaming industry.

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