The Marvels Director Teases Link to Guardians of the Galaxy Villain: Could Dar-Benn’s Hammer Connect to Ronan the Accuser?

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The Director of The Marvels Hints at Connection to Guardians of the Galaxy Antagonist

According to Nia DaCosta, Dar-Benn's hammer may be recognizable.

Nia DeCosta, the director of The Marvels, has hinted at a potential connection to an unexpected Marvel antagonist: Ronan the Accuser.

In a recent interview with Total Film, the director dropped a hint about Dar-Benn, the antagonist in The Marvels portrayed by Zawe Ashton. It seems that Dar-Benn might have acquired a fascinating artifact, namely the Kree War Hammer, which was showcased in the movie trailer. There is a possibility that this weapon could have a connection to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In regards to the Universal Weapon mentioned in the comics, the speaker expressed their dedication to staying true to the source material. They emphasized that viewers should be aware of their commitment to honoring the comics and that there may be hints and references related to the Universal Weapon in the film.

In a recent interview, Mary Livanos, the executive producer of The Marvels, hinted at the significance of a hammer wielded by the character Dar-Benn. Livanos suggested that this hammer plays a crucial role in helping Dar-Benn accomplish her objective, although the specifics of this goal remain unspecified. Interestingly, the Universal Weapon was previously seen in the hands of Ronan the Accuser, both in the comic books and the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. However, it has been noticeably absent from the storyline since Ronan's presumed demise.

It is plausible that Dar-Benn's Warhammer is just resembling Ms. Marvel's superpowers. However, Dar-Benn has already acquired a set of powerful bracelets similar to those owned by Ms. Marvel. This opens up some exciting potential possibilities.

Dar-Benn seems to have a penchant for collecting lost artifacts in the MCU, much like an evil version of Indiana Jones. Additionally, she may also be a fan girl who creates her own versions of these powerful artifacts to replicate the abilities of various heroes and villains from different dimensions. In any case, it appears that she possesses a formidable arsenal of heavy-duty weapons.

DaCosta expressed that Zawe's portrayal of the character brings a great deal of enjoyment to the role of being evil. However, she also brings a sense of deep emotion to the character. DaCosta wanted to create a villain who is engaging and unquestionably on the wrong side, but also someone who could be empathized with because of their belief that they are doing what is right. Zawe's performance successfully contributes to this aspect, making the villain understandable even if viewers do not necessarily like her.

A fascinating aspect of the Universal Weapon is that it is also owned by Lauri-Ell, who is Carol Danvers' half-sister from the Kree race. It remains uncertain if The Marvels will explore this storyline, but director DaCosta's passion for comic books suggests she may stay true to the source material. In fact, she openly expressed her anxiety about the MCU's interpretation of Incursions in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Incursions are portrayed as a consequence of extensive travel across multiple universes. However, the comic books present a different perspective. In the comics, Incursions were actually caused by The Beyonders, a supremely powerful race with the intention of bringing about the destruction of the entire multiverse.

The Incursions occur when two different Earths from alternate realities collide with each other. This collision takes place over a span of eight hours and is initiated by the death of the Molecule Man in those particular universes. The Molecule Man is essentially a weapon created by the Beyonders with the intention of causing death and destruction.

It is evident that DaCosta desires the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to have followed the original comic book storyline more closely. This suggests that DaCosta may prefer a film adaptation of The Marvels that stays more faithful to the source material.

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