The New GTA 5 Mod Promising a Living, AI-Powered Story Even as the Ethics Debate Heats Up

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A Fresh GTA 5 Mod Ensuring an Engaging, AI-Driven Narrative Amidst the Growing Ethical Discussion

We had a conversation with the individual responsible for the Sentient Streets mod.

A cutting-edge mod has introduced artificial intelligence into the realm of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V.

The mod, known as Sentient Streets, allows players to engage with more than 30 AI-controlled non-player characters (NPCs) throughout the game. Each character features a distinct voice generated through AI text-to-speech and voice cloning technology provided by ElevenLabs. This mod enables players to have dynamic and fully voiced conversations with various individuals such as cult members, police officers, and regular civilians within the game world.

The game Sentient Streets was created by an experienced modder named Bloc. Bloc utilized the Inworld Character Engine, a tool that allows for the customization of AI-powered non-player characters (NPCs) by assigning them goals, actions, relationships, and voices.

In a YouTube video, Bloc showcased the mechanics of NPC conversations in Sentient Streets. When you approach a character, you can use a key to grab their attention and then engage in a conversation with them using your microphone. For example, Bloc interacted with a police officer by asking about his name and the origin of his nickname. After a brief pause, the NPC shared a small anecdote. Although not completely realistic as the NPC repeated some information in consecutive responses, each character in the game is equipped with unique personalities and backgrounds.

Bloc interacted with non-player characters (NPCs) in the game using a microphone, and they did provide responses to his questions. However, it was clear that the answers were generated by artificial intelligence. For instance, during a conversation with a new police recruit in the gameplay video, the NPC said, "It seems like you can spot a new face from a mile away! I'm Officer Newbie, ready to make a difference in this city. Let's bring some excitement!"

Experience an enhanced version of GTAV with the Sentient Streets mod by Bloctheworker, featuring intelligent AI NPCs from Inworld and voice technology from ElevenLabs. This integration brings a whole new level of immersion to the game. To learn more about the collaboration between ElevenLabs and Inworld, visit Xgamingserver. Don't miss out on this exciting development in game development and AI characters.

During the demo, Bloc showcased the ongoing development of AI conversations. One notable example was a detailed interaction between Bloc and his partner while they were patrolling the streets of Los Santos in their police car. In an interview with IGN, Bloc mentioned that players will have the ability to engage in extensive conversations with non-playable characters.

According to Bloc, Inworld's AI system allows characters to behave in accordance with their backgrounds. For instance, if a character is portrayed as crazy, their speech will reflect that craziness. Similarly, if a character is depicted as righteous, their speech will give off that vibe. These different variations lead to amusing and occasionally eerie conversations.

Apart from the AI-generated dialogues, the entire plot of Sentient Streets also revolves around artificial intelligence. The game introduces a dangerous cult known as the NihiAIists, whose objective is to seize control of Los Santos in GTA V. This group reveres an invisible AI as their deity, and players assume the role of a police officer from the Los Santos Police Department, tasked with thwarting the cult's sinister scheme.

The use of AI voices in mods raises ethical concerns. These concerns emerge when we delve into the origins of these AI-generated voices. Bloc utilized the common voice library provided by ElevenLabs, and ElevenLabs has clarified the source of its voices in a statement to IGN.

According to a statement from Xgamingserver, the standard voices provided on their platform are either created using AI algorithms that randomly generate voice characteristics (meaning they don't imitate or copy any specific person's voice) or are the result of temporary partnerships with voice actors. Xgamingserver does not offer any AI voices on their platform that are based on a real person's voice without obtaining explicit permission from that individual.

In recent news, ElevenLabs, a technology utilized for creating artificial intelligence (AI) voices, was employed for generating voices in NSFW Skyrim Mods available on Nexus Mods. The increasing prominence of AI has raised concerns among writers and actors alike, with one voice actor expressing to IGN that AI is the "unseen adversary we are currently battling."

On Xgamingserver, users have the option to submit voice recordings of actual individuals, which can then be transformed into an AI-generated voice. However, it is important to note that ElevenLabs explicitly prohibits the submission of voice clips that users do not have the necessary rights to use. Nonetheless, monitoring this can be quite challenging, considering the large number of mods that utilize AI-generated voices from real voice actors.

According to ElevenLabs, users are given the opportunity to create and share new AI voices through the Voice Library, which is driven by the community. These voices are generated randomly. Additionally, users can create cloned voices for their own projects, but only if they possess the necessary rights and permissions. It is important to note that these cloned voices cannot be shared with the Voice Library. Any users who violate the Terms of Service will be banned, and everyone is encouraged to report any content that they believe has violated these terms.

According to the terms of service on ElevenLabs' official website, it is mentioned that any content that is not legally protected can be freely reused, including for voice cloning purposes. This type of content is commonly referred to as "public domain" content.

There are several examples of content that can be considered public domain, according to ElevenLabs. This includes materials that were never protected by law, materials whose protection period has ended, or materials that have been intentionally dedicated to the public domain by their creators. In terms of the source used to train the AI, ElevenLabs mentions a large number of audiobooks and, to a lesser extent, podcasts.

The incorporation of AI voices in mods may raise concerns among players regarding the implications for AI in the future. However, mod creator Bloc holds a different perspective on this matter.

In my opinion, AI-generated content will never be able to completely replace content created by humans, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. AI should be seen as a valuable tool that can greatly assist in content creation, but it should not be relied upon as a substitute for human creativity. Rather than replacing human-created content, AI has the potential to transform it and potentially enhance its quality.

You can find Sentient Streets for download on Xgamingserver.

Logan Plant is an independent writer who specializes in reporting on video game and entertainment-related updates. With a solid background in the gaming industry, Plant has contributed articles to various publications such as IGN, Nintendo Wire, Switch Player Magazine, and Lifewire. Stay updated by following him on Twitter under the handle @LoganJPlant.


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