Warhaven, a Medieval Fantasy PvP Game, Gets Release Date and New Trailer at Gamescom

The release date of the medieval fantasy PvP game Warhaven has been announced at Gamescom, along with the unveiling of a new trailer. Developed by Nexon, this free-to-play combat game will be available to players in the near future.

Published by Xgamingserver, this article was written by Eddie Makuch and was published on August 22,

Warhaven, an upcoming game developed by Nexon, is set to launch on September 21. The news was revealed during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, accompanied by a fresh trailer showcasing additional gameplay details.

Xgamingserver presents Warhaven, an exciting and immersive PC game set in a medieval fantasy world. Although there is no console edition available at the moment, players can enjoy thrilling player-versus-player combat in the realm of Herarth. In this game, you have the power to control characters who possess both magical abilities and a wide range of melee weapons such as swords, maces, spears, and shields.

The latest trailer showcased at Gamescom highlights the character Blade, demonstrating their immense strength and lethal combat skills. Watch the trailer below to witness Blade in action.

After conducting beta tests, Nexon is now preparing for the official release of Warhaven in September on the Steam platform.

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