Xbox Brazil’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake Post Was a Mistake, Microsoft Confirms: No Plans for Xbox Release Anytime Soon

Microsoft has confirmed that a recent post by Xbox Brazil regarding the availability of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox was a mistake. This means that Xbox users will have to wait longer for the game to be released on their platform.

Written by Hayley Williams on August 14, 2023 at 9:49PM PDT

After Xbox Brazil's Twitter account shared a post celebrating Father's Day featuring Barrett from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, certain fans started to speculate that Microsoft might be hinting at an upcoming port. Nevertheless, the post was quickly removed, and Microsoft has now clarified that Barrett's presence in the post was unintentional and not indicative of any future plans.

The initial article, discovered by The Gamer, showcased a collection of prominent video game fathers found in different Xbox games, except for one. In the compilation, there was a picture of Barrett with his daughter Marlene, which was taken from the PC and PlayStation exclusive Remake of Final Fantasy 7, even though the original game is available on Xbox.

The article was swiftly removed, but not before numerous individuals had the chance to view and capture screenshots of it. Fans theorized that its rapid removal might indicate that the Xbox Brazil account had unintentionally revealed an upcoming announcement.

According to a statement from Microsoft sent to Xgamingserver, the company has confirmed that the image in question was posted by mistake and has since been removed. The spokesperson clarified that the image included a title that is not available on Xbox.

Although Final Fantasy games are typically associated with PlayStation consoles, it is not uncommon for them to make their way to the Xbox platform. As an example, Final Fantasy 14 has been officially announced to be released on Xbox in the spring of 2024. While there is a possibility that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will eventually be available on Xbox consoles, it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

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