Control Panel Pterodactyl
XGamingServer Game Panel
Designed with security in mind, our Game Panel, based on pterodactyl, runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to end users. Simply, Our servers are VDGS (Virtual Dedicated Game Servers). With our VDGS plans, you can be certain you'll receive 100% of the resources (RAM and CPU utilization) you purchase for your server.

Sneak Peek
Our panel with be based on pterodactyl. And will come with power packed features.

xgamingserver control Panel
Automated Cloud Backups

Will always keep your data safe as you can setup automated backups to the Amazon aws s3 cloud storage. And download the backups anytime you want. Now data loss will be a thing of the past.

Hot Stuff
Improved File Manager with one click Launch SFTP

Our file manager has been improved with a one click SFTP launch button. All you need is installing an sftp client like WinSCP and Filezilla

and much more!
MYSQL databases, invite users, create schedules and more

With this and more features means we give you complete control of your server. Does this make you excited as we are?

Our Datacenters are Located in 3 Regions

Currently, our servers are located in 3 locations with plan to expand to more locations soon

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