Arma Reforger Logistic Support Techniques: An Overview


In Arma Reforger, effective logistics support is crucial for ensuring the success of any military operation. This comprehensive guide will help beginners understand and effectively utilize logistic support techniques, enhancing their battlefield effectiveness.

Understanding Logistic Support in Arma Reforger

Logistic support in Arma Reforger involves managing the supply and distribution of resources, such as ammunition, medical supplies, and vehicles. It ensures that troops are well-equipped and ready to sustain prolonged engagements.

Core Elements of Logistic Support

  1. Supply Management
  2. Transport and Distribution
  3. Repair and Maintenance
  4. Medical Support

Each element plays a vital role in maintaining operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Supply Management

Supply management involves procuring, storing, and distributing necessary resources to troops on the battlefield.

Steps to Effective Supply Management:

  1. Identify Needs: Assess the requirements of your team, including ammunition, medical supplies, and equipment.
  2. Procure Supplies: Secure the needed supplies through in-game missions or by capturing supply depots.
  3. Distribute Supplies: Ensure timely distribution to frontline troops, preventing shortages during critical moments.

Transport and Distribution

Efficient transport and distribution of supplies are key to maintaining a steady flow of resources.

  1. Use of Vehicles: Utilize available vehicles to transport supplies quickly and efficiently. This includes trucks, helicopters, and other logistical vehicles.
  2. Secure Routes: Ensure supply routes are secure from enemy interference. Plan routes to avoid high-risk areas.
  3. Drop Points: Establish drop points close to the frontline where supplies can be distributed to troops.

Repair and Maintenance

Keeping vehicles and equipment in optimal condition is essential for sustained operations.

  1. Regular Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on vehicles and equipment to prevent breakdowns.
  2. Repair Stations: Set up repair stations where damaged vehicles and equipment can be quickly serviced.
  3. Spare Parts: Ensure an adequate supply of spare parts is available for immediate repairs.

Medical Support

Providing medical support to injured troops can significantly enhance combat effectiveness and morale.

  1. Medical Supplies: Maintain a sufficient stock of medical supplies, including bandages, medkits, and blood bags.
  2. Medical Evacuation: Be prepared to evacuate severely injured troops to medical facilities for advanced care.
  3. Field Treatment: Train team members in basic first aid to provide immediate care on the battlefield.

Practical Tips for Logistic Support

  1. Establish a Supply Chain: Create a reliable supply chain that connects the main base with frontline units.
  2. Prioritize Critical Supplies: Focus on delivering the most critical supplies first, such as ammunition and medical kits.
  3. Adapt to Changing Needs: Be flexible and ready to adjust supply priorities based on the evolving battlefield situation.
  4. Coordinate with Command: Maintain clear communication with command units to understand the broader logistical needs and priorities.


Mastering logistic support techniques in Arma Reforger ensures that your team remains well-equipped and ready for any challenge. By effectively managing supplies, transport, repairs, and medical support, you can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and contribute to mission success.

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