Valheim world seed

How to generate Valheim world from seed

In this guide, we will show you how to generate Valheim world from seed that you can then upload to your Valheim server. 

What is a world seed

A world seed is a semi-random generated text at world creation, which is used in order to procedurally generate a different world from other world seeds in Valheim. You can manually enter a world seed or let the game select one for you at world creation.

How to generate valheim world from seed

To generate world from seed, you will need to follow the below steps

  1. Start Valheim on your PC

2. Select new to create a new character

New valheim charater
new character

3. Enter new name for the character and click done

Add name of new character-valheim
Add name of new character

4. You will get the window below then select “New” to create a new world,

create new valheim world
create new valheim world

5. Enter the name world and seed to generate your unique seed you can use the world map generator

New world creation-Valheim
New world creation-Valheim

6. Click “Done” then press “Start”

7. To access your the valheim world generated from the seed go to the folder using the file explorer on your PC


You’ll find the two generated files which you can now upload to your server.

This guide will help you upload the world to your server

How to generate valheim world from seed

How to find your current world seed

Want to share your Valheim world seed or just want to know which see your server is currently using

1.Download the world files from the server under the following directory make sure you choose the current world you ar running on the server in this case

Dedicated.db and Dedicated.fwl

Download world files

2. Move the downloaded world files to

C:\Users\<your windows username>\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds\

3. Start your Valheim game

4. Choose the character and you should see Select world as we did earlier, you should see the seed you currently use on your Valheim server

Useful seeds

  • maypoleplz (Starting continent has a Maypole to the west)
  • jWM4fqFdSm (Island southwest of spawn has 2 Maypole locations very close to each other)
  • wVJCZahxX8 (Starting in the Meadows with Black Forest east and west, a Mountain west. Eikthyr is close to the spawn but Elder (Boss) is on an other island south)
  • 42069lolxd (Haldor merchant can be found by following the coastline and crossing to another attached island on the south)
  • sBIkiadtIh (Haldor merchant can be found on starting island to the West, with Black Forest, Swamp, and Mountains relatively close. Swamp and Mountains to South and West.)
  • 9934622021 (All 5 main biomes on the first island.)
  • WorldEater (All main biomes on first continent, including merchant)
  • Gremlin (Over 20 beehives and a Trader on the first continent plus a nearby Maypole.)

Hard seeds

  • yfNmtqZ5mh (Starting on a little Meadows island surrounded by a Black Forest)
  • lduTRpBHca (Starting on a small-ish island with very little Black Forest and mostly Meadows. No other biomes)
  • nai4qtPKFt (No bosses on starting island, bosses are spread out. This is a very hard seed.)
  • xV2pLimZea (Hunt for the elusive Frost Queen, tangled starting island with nothing nearby)

Speedrun seeds

  • HHcLC5acQt (u/InfernoFPS – Reddit)
    • Three bosses, five major biomes and Haldor on the same continent, with two bosses each an island away. Source link contains (now slightly outdated) explored map. For maps generated prior to the location changes with version 0.148.6, Moder is still on the starting continent.
  • TxCD10fTIP (Xgerk – Fandom)
    • 5 bosses/biomes on same continent. 2 traders close by, 1 of which is on the same continent, the other you can swim/raft to.
  • lSB4fI46nV
    • All 5 biomes on starting continent, 4 Bosses on Starting continent, Yagluth on continent next to starting island, Trader on island next to starting continent.
  • kpI0aXHSfz
    • 5 bosses, boss summon items, and Haldor on all starting continent. Current as of update 0.154.1.

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