Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Arma Reforger: Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Arma Reforger, a dynamic and immersive military simulation game, offers a unique blend of tactical combat, communication, and logistics. Whether you’re a seasoned Arma series veteran or a complete beginner, understanding the core gameplay elements and utilizing essential tips and tricks can enhance your gaming experience. This guide aims to provide an in-depth look at what Arma Reforger has to offer and how you can get the most out of it.

Introduction to Arma Reforger

Arma Reforger reimagines the classic elements of the Arma series with a modern game engine, focusing on three core pillars: combat, communication, and logistics. The game creates an authentic sandbox environment where both PC and console players can engage in combined arms warfare across expansive landscapes.

Core Gameplay Elements

  1. Combat: Engage in large-scale battles with realistic weapon mechanics, including recoil and armor penetration. Every bullet adheres to real-world physics, making combat challenging and rewarding.
  2. Communication: Effective communication is crucial. Utilize radio networks and proximity chat to coordinate with your team. Be mindful of security as enemies can intercept your communications.
  3. Logistics: Managing supplies and resources is essential for maintaining your combat effectiveness. Ensure your team is well-stocked with ammunition, medical supplies, and vehicles.

Getting Started


Begin with the tutorial scenario to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. This will cover essential skills like navigation, driving vehicles, flying helicopters, using the medical system, and basic combat techniques.

  1. Navigation: Learn to use your compass and map effectively. Understanding the map legend and navigation techniques is critical, as there are no cluttered HUDs or GPS systems.
  2. Vehicle Operation: Practice driving vehicles with the new physics and vehicle simulation. This includes mastering the controls for land vehicles and helicopters.
  3. Medical System: Get acquainted with treating injuries and using medical supplies. Knowing how to heal yourself and your teammates can be a game-changer in intense firefights.
  4. Weapons Training: Practice firing your weapon, switching between firing modes, and using attachments like grenade launchers and variable zoom scopes. Learn how to zero your weapon for accurate long-range shots.

Action Menu and Movement

Arma Reforger introduces a streamlined action menu for interacting with objects and managing your equipment.

  1. Action Menu: Access contextual menus for various items. For example, save your loadout at an arsenal or turn on vehicle lights.
  2. Fluid Movement: Adjust your movement speed with the mouse wheel or right stick on Xbox. Choose your stance by holding control and scrolling on the mouse wheel, allowing you to peek or stay protected behind cover.

Advanced Weapon Handling

  1. Weapon Functions: Easily switch between weapon functions and firing modes. For example, toggle a grenade launcher attachment or change the fire mode of your weapon.
  2. Zeroing and Resting: Adjust your weapon’s zeroing for accurate shots at different distances. Rest your weapon on surfaces to reduce recoil, using almost any object for stability.

Communication and Team Coordination

  1. Radio Comms: Learn to operate your radio, set frequencies, and switch between them. Communicate with your squad and other groups effectively, and be vigilant about security.
  2. Map Markers: Use map markers to communicate tactical maneuvers and enemy positions non-verbally. Place, customize, and delete markers as needed to keep your team informed.

Exploring Game Modes


Conflict mode is at the heart of Arma Reforger, involving dynamic teamwork to capture territories. Players join either the US or USSR faction, battling for control over the island against the FIA faction.

  1. Territory Control: Capture bases within your faction’s radio range by building antennas and disrupting enemy networks.
  2. Supply Management: Transport and manage supplies to build services, spawn vehicles, and purchase weapons. Effective logistics are key to victory.

Game Master

Game Master mode allows you to create and curate multiplayer experiences with real-time control over the game world. Design dynamic scenarios, control enemy AI, and customize every aspect of the gameplay.

Combat Ops

For single-player or co-op enthusiasts, Combat Ops offers randomized missions that provide a great training ground for practicing skills. Missions vary from clearing areas of enemies to specific objectives like destroying vehicles or assassinating officers.

Utilizing the Workshop

The Arma Reforger Workshop is where you can access community-created content, including mods, scenarios, and game modes.

  1. Downloading Mods: Automatically download required mods when joining a server. This streamlines the process of accessing custom content.
  2. Creating Content: Use the Workbench to create your own mods, scenarios, and game modes. This tool gives you access to the same development environment used by Bohemia Interactive.

Finding and Hosting Servers

  1. Server Types: Choose between official servers hosted by Bohemia Interactive or community servers with custom gameplay scenarios and mods.
  2. Server Browser: Use filters and search options to find servers that match your preferences. Add servers to your favorites for easy access.
  3. Hosting a Server: Self-host a server for private games with friends or set up a dedicated server for a more permanent solution. Ensure proper network setup and port forwarding if hosting over the internet.


Arma Reforger offers a rich, immersive military simulation experience that combines strategic gameplay with realistic mechanics. By understanding the core elements, practicing essential skills, and exploring different game modes, you can fully enjoy the depth and complexity of this game. Dive in, communicate effectively, manage your logistics, and most importantly, have fun on the battlefield.

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