The Best Realism Mods for Arma Reforger

Arma Reforger has been on an upward trend, rapidly growing in popularity. Larger content creators like Shroud and Clean are having a blast playing on modded servers, drawing even more attention to the game. This surge in interest has led to an incredible array of mods available on the workshop.

Today, we’re diving into some of the best realism mods for Arma Reforger that will elevate your military simulation (MilSim) experience to new heights.

1. ACE Anvil by ACE Team

ACE Mod is a staple for anyone who has played Arma 3. It brings an array of systems designed to enhance realism in core gameplay. In Arma Reforger, ACE Anvil continues this tradition with several standout features:

  • ACE Backblast: When you fire a recoilless rifle, it creates a danger zone behind the launcher with overpressure that can knock out or kill friendlies. This adds a critical layer of realism, as backblast is a genuine military concern.
  • ACE Medical: Introduces a realistic medical system with features like “second chance,” where players don’t die instantly but fall unconscious first. Wounds cause pain, shown by a white flash indicator, and pain can be treated with morphine. The mod also includes an EpiPen injector to speed up the wake-up of incapacitated units.
  • ACE Trenches and Chopping: Extends the use of the E-tool to place dirt cover and chop trees and bushes.
  • ACE Carry: Allows players to carry incapacitated units to safety for treatment.

For a comprehensive experience, the all-in-one mod is recommended, but individual ACE mods can also be used as standalone options.

2. Bacon Loadout Manager by Bacon808

The Bacon Loadout Manager is a modern loadout editor that simplifies customizing your character. Accessible through any normal Arsenal, this tool allows you to tailor everything about your character from a single, streamlined interface. It even includes options for weapon customization and features like directional lighting and themed backgrounds.

3. Coalition Squad Interface (CSI)

CSI replicates and expands upon older systems like ShackTac HUD and DUI. This tool enhances situational awareness by keeping you in control of your team, bearings, and squad roles. It offers customizable squad icons, team colors, and more. Currently under active development, CSI is shaping up to be essential for serious servers, groups, and players.

4. VPAD (Vasis Pad)

VPAD gives a tablet to replace the map

VPAD replaces the traditional map with a rugged tablet featuring an onboard GPS system. It displays map markers and real-time information, making it a must-have for modern MilSim operations. The tablet is to be in use simultaneously with a weapon, providing easy access during activities like driving and navigating.

5. RHS Status Quo

RHS Status Quo is arguably the most comprehensive and high-quality mod available for Arma Reforger. It focuses on contemporary US and Russian forces, bringing new weapons, vehicles, and gear. Notable systems include:

  • Air: Interact with modern radios and operational electronics on an immersive level.
  • Air Strikes: Utilize placeable objects in Game Master mode.
  • Night Vision and Thermal Systems: Modern infrared and thermal systems for both factions.
  • GPS Systems: Handheld and interactive GPS systems.

RHS is continuously being developed, aiming to create a story campaign with new terrain in the future. It’s a solid foundation for any realism-based operations.


These mods are some of the best for enhancing realism in Arma Reforger. Did we miss any of your favorite mods?

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