The Best Mods for ARMA Reforger in 2024

ARMA Reforger has been gaining immense popularity with its growing player base and ever-expanding collection of community mods. These mods significantly enhance gameplay, adding new tools, game modes, vehicles, and terrains. Here, we will explore some of the best mods that you should check out to elevate your ARMA Reforger experience.

ASCENDANCY by Sierra Golf

ASCENDANCY focuses on incorporating the British Armed Forces into ARMA Reforger, particularly air assets. This mod adds helicopters such as the Puma HC2 and the AW159 Wildcat AH1. These helicopters perform various battlefield roles, including reconnaissance, transportation, command and control, and force protection. The transport version of the Wildcat can carry a five-man team, while the cargo variant accommodates an additional person besides the pilot and co-pilot. The Puma HC2 is a medium support helicopter that can carry a 12-man team and supplies. If you are into UK military simulation or have an interest in the British Armed Forces, this mod is a must-have.

Overthrow by Aaron Static

Overthrow is a dynamic single-player or co-op campaign where the objective is to overthrow an oppressive force. Starting with minimal resources in a small town, players must fight their way to remove occupying forces, gaining civilian support along the way. The mod includes features such as a saving and loading system, a wanted system similar to GTA, and an economy system where civilian support translates to more money. Players can engage in various activities like buying items, performing jobs, stealing, or even dealing in the black market. The mod also includes fast travel and base building, making it a comprehensive addition to ARMA Reforger.


ODIN Game Master Additions enhances the Game Master module by adding extra tools and quality of life improvements. This mod allows players to toggle damage, control AI stances, and add more waypoint attributes, such as formation options and completion radius. It also includes a cycle waypoint option for repeating patterns like patrols and a teleport function for quickly moving squad members. These features make scenario creation much easier and more flexible.

GOGLAND by Tempaa

GOGLAND is a 12×12 km island terrain created by Tempaa, a renowned terrain maker in ARMA 3. This map features rocky and hilly terrains with plenty of lakes and settlements, giving it a Nordic feel. The towns and areas have unique names and the map is filled with ravines and points of interest, making exploration exciting and visually appealing.


KUNAR PROVINCE brings the real-life Kunar Province of Afghanistan to ARMA Reforger. This map includes large valleys, villages, small river streams, and mountains with forests and snow, providing a diverse Middle Eastern landscape. The map is designed to be highly detailed, with assets familiar from ARMA 2’s Takistan, making it an excellent choice for military simulation scenarios.


some silliness in the mod.

BON Action Animations adds a variety of military gestures, diverse animations, and idle motions for characters. These animations are accessible via a radial menu. This makes it easy to add some fun and silliness to your gameplay sessions. This mod is perfect for creating entertaining and dynamic videos or just having a good time with friends.


CRX Enfusion AI aims to improve the AI’s fidelity, responsiveness, and challenge. This mod enhances AI behavior, making them use cover more effectively, adopt dynamic stances, and investigate their environment more thoroughly. These improvements result in a more realistic and challenging AI, greatly enhancing the tactical depth of the game.

GAME MASTER FX by bacon8008

GAME MASTER FX adds various effects such as explosions, fire, parachute flares, and smoke to the Game Master module. These effects help create more immersive and engaging scenarios. With additional tools for creating dynamic and visually impactful scenes, this mod is a valuable addition for anyone using the Game Master mode.

Honorable Mentions

Other notable mods include Wordy Islands by Chewy and RHS Status Quo by RHS Studios, which have seen significant updates and improvements. These mods continue to enhance the ARMA Reforger experience, offering new terrains and equipment.

In conclusion, these mods bring a wide range of enhancements to ARMA Reforger, from new terrains and vehicles to improved AI and gameplay tools. They are essential for anyone looking to get the most out of their ARMA Reforger experience. Don’t forget to check out the links in the description for each mod to test them out for yourself.

Stay safe and enjoy your modded adventures! Be sure to grab a dedicated server here!

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