Guide to the Best Base Locations in Palworld for Farming Resources


Building an efficient and strategic base in Palworld is essential for survival, resource gathering, and defense. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top locations for establishing your base to maximize resource farming and ensure a secure stronghold. Whether you are a novice or a veteran player, these locations will provide you with the best opportunities to thrive in the captivating world of Palworld.

Windswept Plateau: The Resourceful Stronghold

Location and Benefits

The Windswept Plateau offers an exceptional balance between strategic location and resource availability. As the initial starting point and labelled “Plateau of Beginnings” by the creators, it is no wonder it is such an ideal place to begin. Its natural defense mechanisms and bounty of resources make it a prime spot for establishing your first base or expanding your empire.

  • Coordinates: Approx. 100, -150
  • Resources: Wood, stone, ore, Paldium fragments
  • Defense: High due to elevated terrain

Key Features

  1. Natural Defense: The plateau’s terrain provides natural defense against raids.
  2. Resource Abundance: Vital resources such as wood, stone, and iron ore are plentiful, supporting early to mid-game progression.
  3. Strategic Location: Ideal for setting up automated harvesting with your Pals, streamlining resource collection.

Waterfall Mountain: The Unassailable Haven

Location and Benefits

Waterfall Mountain is a fortress by nature, offering both defense and a wealth of materials essential for crafting advanced gear and structures.

  • Coordinates: Approx. -250, 350
  • Resources: Ore, precious metals, stone
  • Defense: Very high due to natural elevation and waterfall barrier

Key Features

  1. Fortified Position: The mountain’s elevation and waterfall act as natural barriers against attacks.
  2. Rich in Resources: Abundant ore deposits provide essential materials for crafting and building.
  3. Scenic and Secure: Offers a serene environment with panoramic views, making it a perfect home base.

Twilight Dunes: The Strategic Outpost

Location and Benefits

Twilight Dunes is ideal for players aiming to excel in crafting and trade, with close proximity to vital resources like coal and Pal oil.

  • Coordinates: -96, -120
  • Resources: Coal, Pal oil, high-quality materials
  • Defense: Medium, requires strategic planning

Key Features

  1. Resource Rich: Proximity to scarce resources such as coal and Pal oil.
  2. Strategic Advantage: Suitable for crafting and trade due to the availability of high-quality materials.
  3. Challenging Terrain: Demands strategic planning for defense but offers unparalleled rewards.

Hillside: The Ore Rich Retreat

Location and Benefits

Hillside stands out for its abundance of ore nodes, making it a powerhouse for crafting and building needs.

  • Coordinates: Approx. 50, 200
  • Resources: Various ores, wood, stone
  • Defense: Medium, easily defensible terrain

Key Features

  1. Abundant Ore Nodes: Ideal for players prioritizing crafting and building.
  2. Easy Resource Access: Steady flow of materials right at your doorstep.
  3. Scenic Environment: Fall-themed surroundings add aesthetic value to your base.

Sealed Realm of the Guardian: The Mystical Fortress

Location and Benefits

For adventurers drawn to mystery and power, the Sealed Realm of the Guardian offers rich resources and unique challenges.

  • Coordinates: 172, -419
  • Resources: Coal, ore, ancient civilization parts
  • Defense: Medium, utilizing castle’s defensive walls

Key Features

  1. Rich in Artifacts: Offers ancient civilization parts essential for crafting unique items.
  2. Defensive Structures: Utilize the castle’s defensive walls for enhanced protection.
  3. Adventure-Ready: Promises material wealth and challenges for brave explorers.


Selecting the best base location in Palworld is crucial for optimizing resource farming, ensuring security, and facilitating expansion. Each of these locations—Windswept Plateau, Waterfall Mountain, Twilight Dunes, Hillside, and Sealed Realm of the Guardian—offers unique advantages tailored to different playstyles and objectives. Establish your base wisely and harness the full potential of Palworld to dominate your adventure.

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