Guide to the Best Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0

In Myth of Empires 1.0, mastering the right weapons is crucial for survival and dominance. Here, we present an extensive tier list of the best weapons, categorized by their effectiveness and use case. This guide will help you choose the most potent weapons to enhance your gameplay.

S-Tier Weapons: Unmatched Dominance

Meteoric Blade

Use Case: Short Range, Ground Combat

The Meteoric Blade stands as the pinnacle of one-handed weapons. Its versatility lies in dual damage modes (443 slashing, 489 piercing), exceptional parrying capabilities, and a devastating bleed-over-time effect when you master the skill. These features make it ideal for both defensive and offensive maneuvers, securing its place in the S-tier.

Tiger Spear

Use Case: Mounted Combat, Thrust Attacks

The Tiger Spear excels in mounted combat with its cavalry lance ability, delivering 634 piercing damage and 125% charge damage. This spear allows players to deal significant damage to multiple enemies, making it indispensable for players seeking a powerful polearm.

Dragon Tongue Bow

Use Case: Long Range, Precision Strikes on horseback

The Dragon Tongue Bow’s 629.5% damage multiplier, combined with superior accuracy and quick reload times, makes it the best ranged weapon. Its precision and efficiency in rapid succession shots ensure it outperforms other bows in critical situations.

Meteoric Iron Mace

Use Case: Ground Combat, Armor Breaking

The Meteoric Iron Mace is a formidable two-handed weapon with 418 piercing and 572 blunt damage. Its impressive 200% armor and weapon-breaking multipliers make it an S-tier choice for players focused on demolishing enemy defenses and weaponry.

A-Tier Weapons: Reliable Powerhouses

Quake Hammer

Use Case: Anti-Armor, Ground Combat

The Quake Hammer delivers 491 crush damage, making it perfect for battles against heavily armored foes. Its ability to cancel enemy attacks and deal significant damage secures its position in the A-tier.

Dual Crescent Halberd

Use Case: Slashing Attacks, Mounted Combat

With 703 slashing and 569 piercing damage, the Dual Crescent Halberd is a top-tier slashing weapon among polearms. Its high damage output and speed multiplier make it a reliable choice for players engaging in fast-paced mounted combat.

Meteoric Poleaxe

Use Case: Mounted Combat, Bleed Damage

The Meteoric Poleaxe offers 668 slashing and 534 piercing damage with a 125% charge damage. Its bleed-over-time effect and high damage output place it firmly in the A-tier, although its attack spam limitations slightly hinder its effectiveness.

Rarewood Bow

Use Case: Long Range, High Damage

The Rarewood Bow boasts a 673.1% damage multiplier, higher than the Dragon Tongue Bow, but suffers from slower reload speeds and lower accuracy. Despite these drawbacks, its long-range capabilities and high damage make it a strong A-tier choice.

B-Tier Weapons: Balanced Options

Black Iron Axe

Use Case: Ground Combat, Combo Attacks

The Black Iron Axe, with 517 slashing and 346 piercing damage, excels in long combos and provides a damage buff after consecutive strikes. While not the top performer, it offers the highest damage output and a combo after 5 successive strikes, making it a solid B-tier weapon.


Use Case: Defensive Combat, Base Defense

Crossbows offer 975.8% damage but suffer from slow reload times, making them less effective in open-world encounters. They shine in defensive scenarios, such as base defense during raids, where their high damage can be fully utilized.

Meteoric Greataxe

Use Case: Shield Breaking, Ground Combat

The Meteoric Greataxe, with 602 slash and 542 piercing damage, features a 200% shield-breaking multiplier. This makes it highly effective against shielded enemies, earning it a B-tier ranking for its specific utility in combat.

C-Tier Weapons: Situational Use

Hafted Blade

Use Case: Mounted Combat, Thrust Attacks

The Hafted Blade, with 602 slashing and 634 piercing damage, falls short compared to other polearms. Its lower damage output and vulnerability against stronger weapons place it in the C-tier.

Meteoric Glaive

Use Case: Bleed Damage, Ground Combat

The Meteoric Glaive provides 476 and 544 piercing damage with a bleed effect. However, its inability to spam attacks like the Meteoric Blade limits its effectiveness, relegating it to the C-tier.

D-Tier Weapons: Least Effective

Repeater Crossbow

Use Case: Short Range, Rapid Fire

The Repeater Crossbow, with 528.8% damage, suffers from long reload times and lower damage compared to bows. Its inefficiency in open-world and rapid combat scenarios places it firmly in the D-tier.

Shuttle Spear

Use Case: Large Scale Combat, Close Range

The Shuttle Spear’s short range and difficulty in mastery make it a challenging weapon to use effectively. Despite its potential in large-scale combat, its limitations and high skill requirement place it in the D-tier.


Choosing the right weapon in Myth of Empires 1.0 can significantly impact your gameplay experience. The S-tier weapons, including the Meteoric Blade, Tiger Spear, Dragon Tongue Bow, and Meteoric Iron Mace, stand out as the best choices for their respective categories. Each weapon tier offers unique advantages and drawbacks, catering to different combat styles and scenarios. Prioritize leveling up and acquiring these powerful weapons to dominate your enemies and thrive in the game.

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