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How can I link my domain name to my Minecraft server?

Before we begin, you are going to require a domain to point the server to (yourdomain.com), please ensure that you have purchased a domain prior to following these steps.

You will also require a dedicated IP address for your server, so ensure that you’ve purchased one. 

If you don’t currently have a dedicated IP address, you can purchase one via the Upgrade menu in your client area. 

1) Mapping a bare domain (yourdomain.com) to your Minecraft server

– Create an A record that actually points your domain to the server;

In this case, use these values for your A record:

Host : @
Value: IP address of your Minecraft server
TTL:  You may leave this option unchanged.

For CloudFlare, you would configure your DNS like this;

Now you can use your domain name in the Minecraft client to join your server!

Any further issues, questions or queries please contact our support department!


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