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How to change Terraria Game Server Version, World Difficulty, Max Players, and MOTD.

How to change Terraria World Difficulty

Below are the steps to change Terraria server Difficulty

Log in to the game panel and go to the Startup menu

Here you’ll find the variables as shown below.

Terraria world difficulty

Simply change the world difficulty to the one you want

Terraria World Difficulty Options

To change the Terraria World difficulty you have the following options

0(normal)-This is the regular world mode.

1(expert)-: Intended for experienced players, Expert Mode worlds contain the same enemies, but with increased stats, and some have altered behavior patterns that make them more difficult to defeat. However, as a special reward, loot drops are more frequent and bosses drop Treasure Bags which, in addition to the normal boss loot, also contain special items only available in Expert Mode. Expert Mode brings numerous other changes.

2(master)-A harder version of Expert Mode, with the same AI but increased health and damage. It also includes two new drops per boss, and an extra accessory slot.

3(journey) -Journey Mode: This is an easier mode, that gives the player extra items on the start, allows duplicating items, and allows making the game easier. See Journey Mode for a more complete list.

Write the number that you would like to use.

Terraria worlds size options

Terraria World size refers to the size of a Terraria world. Upon creation, on terraria server we have 3 sizes 3 sizes 1 (small), 2 (medium), 3 (large).

WorldSize of map
Size of map
Accessible area
Accessible area
Map area
Map area
8400 × 24004200 × 12008234 × 22344117 × 111720,160,0005,040,000
 Medium12800 × 36006400 × 180012634 × 34346317 × 171746,080,00011,520,000
 Large16800 × 48008400 × 240016634 × 46348317 × 231780,640,00020,160,000

Terraria Version

Want use another Terraria Version, the version of Terraria that is to be used can be selected here. You can use the full version number or the file number. (ex. or 1353) Get version numbers here – https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Server#Downloads

Terraria MOTD and World Name

Enter the motd that you’d like and the World name on their respective fields

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