Terraria TShock Server Admin Commands and how to add admins

Adding Yourself as Super-Admin

If you haven’t already added yourself as the first super-admin to the server, you’ll need to find your server’s auth code.

  1. Navigate to your Terraria server’s tshock folder
  2. Open the authcode.txt file to find your server’s auth code (should be some numbers).
  3. While in-game, type: /auth <your-auth-code-here>
  4. You can now add yourself as superadmin by typing: /user add <username>:<password> superadmin
  5. Login to access your new super admin account by typing: /login <username> <password>

Adding Users as Admins

To add another player to a user group, create an account for them as follows:
/user add <username>:<password> <group>
Then, a user simply needs to login with the following command in-game:
/login <username> <password>

Command NameCommandDescription
ban/ban /banip /unban /unbanipUser can ban others
buff/buffUser can buff self
buffplayer/gbuff or /buffplayerUser can buff other players
butcher/butcherUser can kill all enemy npcs
canchangepassword/passwordUser can change password in game
canlogin/loginUser can login in game
canpartychat/pUser can use party chat in game
canregister/registerUser can register account in game
cantalkinthird/meUser can talk in third person
causeevents/dropmeteor /star /genore /fullmoon /bloodmoon /invadeUse can cause select events
cfg/setspawn /reload /serverpassword /save /settle /maxspawns /spawnrate /broadcast(/bc /say) /stats /worldUser can edit server configurations
clearitems/clear(/clearitems)User can clear item drops.
converthardmode/convertcorruption /converthallowUser can convert hallow into corruption and vice-versa
editspawn/antibuild /protectspawnAllows you to edit the spawn
hardmode/hardmode /stophardmode(/disablehardmode)User can change hardmode state
item/item(/i) /give(/g)User can spawn items
kick/kickUser can kick others
logs/displaylogsSpecific log messages are sent to users with this permission
maintenance/clearbans /off(/exit) /off-nosave(/exit-nosave) /checkupdatesUser is notified when an update is available
managegroup/additem(/banitem) /delitem(/unbanitem) /listitems(/listbanneditems) /additemgroup /delitemgroupUser can manage item bans
manageregion/region /debugregUser can edit regions
managewarp/setwarp /delwarp /hidewarpUser can manage warps
mute/mute(/unmute)User can mute and unmute users
pvpfun/slapSlap player
rootonly/user /userinfo(/ui) /auth-verifyMeant for super admins only
spawnboss/eater /eye /king /skeletron /wof(/wallofflesh) /twins /destroyer /skeletronp(/prime) /hardcoreUser can spawn bosses
spawnmob/spawnmob(/sm)User can spawn npcs
tp/home /spawn /tpUser can teleport
tpallow/tpallowUsers can stop people from TPing to them
tphere/tphere /sendwarp(/sw)User can teleport people to them
warpUser can use warps/warp
whisper/whisper(/w /tell) /reply(/r)User can whisper to others
whitelist/whitelistUser can modify the whitelist

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