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How to create GSLT for Garry’s mod Server

After installing your Gmod server you should set up your GSL Token and the server’s location.

Starting with the May 2020 update, all Garry’s Mod servers should have a GSLT (Steam Game Server Login Token). Servers without a GSLT will suffer a severe penalty in server list ranking. therefore make sure your server has this or else your server’s ranking will be penalized if you do not do this.

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 Create GSLT for Garrys mod

To create a gameserver login token, you need to be logged in to the Steam website. The Token can be created here: Steam Game Server Account Management

gmod GSLT

When you get there, you will be asked for the App ID and a memo (any name you wish used as a note). The App ID depends on the game. For Gmod you will use 4000

After you get your game server login token enter on the section as shown below in the panel

and restart your server.

Your server will now have a static SteamID/Steam Account.

What are the requirements for a CSGO token?

The steam accounts need to own the game in order to generate GSLT

Can I use one GSL token for multiple servers?

An individual token is necessary for each game server. Each Server must have a unique login token.

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