csgo server token

How to create a CSGO Gameserver Login Token

What is a CSGO Server Login token?

Gameserver Login Tokens (GSLTs) is a procedure that Steam has implemented as a security measure. In order to run gameservers of certain Steam Games ( eg CSGO) it is necessary to generate a token.

 What is the purpose of a CSGO login token?

In the past, Valve made a few rule changes for hosting a game server. Not all game server operators have followed those regulations. As a consequence, the IP addresses of game servers were banned.

However, this method was not effective, since it could easily be bypassed with a new IP address and was also a huge issue for game server providers. The reason for this is that by banning the IP address, other customers were often also affected.

That’s why this system has been implemented, which instead bans the token and blocks the linked Steam Account for further game server operation.

 Create CSGO token

To create a gameserver login token, you need to be logged in to the Steam website. The Token can be created here: Steam Game Server Account Management

When you get there, you will be asked for the App ID and a memo (any name you wish used as a note). The App ID depends on the game. In the following you will find the most important App IDs:

GameApp ID Counter-Strike: Global Offensive730Counter-Strike: Source240Team Fortress 2440Garrys Mod4000

The CSGO Server token will be asked when you placing an order for a server

Once this step is done and the server has been restarted, the server will also appear in the public server list.

Frequently asked questions about CSGO token

What are the requirements for a CSGO token?

The Steam Account is not allowed to have a restriction like a community ban. In addition, a valid telephone number needs to be registered with the Steam Account.

Can I use one GSL token for multiple servers?

An individual token is necessary for each game server.

Is there anything that can cause my CSGO token to be banned?

Especially with CS:GO game server there are some plugins which are not allowed to be used. An official list wasn’t published. However, this includes plugins which change player inventories (weapon skins), ranks or similar.

What happens if my CSGO token is banned?

If a token is banned, then as a result the account and all associated tokens are also banned. This means that the game server is no longer publicly accessible. Also, the account can no longer be used for operating further game servers in the future. Nevertheless, the Steam Account can still be used for playing. No further punishments are to be expected in this regard.