How to host Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dedicated Server on your local PC

  1. Download the steamcmd in order to run the dedicated server
  2. Start the steamcmd.exe and wait until it’s finished
    • steamcmd install
  3. Create a text file the steamcmd.exe , name it update.txt, open the file and enter the following line
    steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir gameservers/ETS2server +login anonymous +app_update 1948160 +quit pause
  4. Save the file as update.bat and double clickt it (wait until it’s finished)
  5. Go to your ets2 gamefolder located in “C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2” and create a textfile called “server_config.txt” and enter following lines(replace everything you need) and save the file as “server_config.sii”:

    SiiNunit { server_config : myserver { lobby_name: "My Server" description: "Test Server" welcome_message: "" password: YOURVERYSECRETPASSWORD max_players: 8 max_vehicles_total: 100 max_ai_vehicles_player: 50 max_ai_vehicles_player_spawn: 50 connection_virtual_port: 100 query_virtual_port: 101 connection_dedicated_port: 27015 query_dedicated_port: 27016 server_logon_token: "" player_damage: true traffic: true hide_in_company: false hide_colliding: true force_speed_limiter: false mods_optioning: true service_no_collision: false in_menu_ghosting: false name_tags: true friends_only: false show_server: true moderator_list: 0 } }
  6. Start ets2 and join the game. Open the console and type “export_server_packages”
    • ets2 server configuration file export
  7. Time to start the server. Move to YOUR_STEAMCMD_FOLDER\gameservers\ets2\bin\win_x64 and double click the exe
  8. Congrats!!! You successfully created your server

In case you can’t see your server in the serverlist you may have to forward ports.

TCP port 27015-27016
UDP port 27015-27016

If you want to rent a Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dedicated Server you can rent one from us.

Since the release of Convoy, native multiplayer mode for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, they have been making small updates to further improve the players’ experience. Today we are excited to share that a much-requested addition has arrived and that is the option to host a dedicated server! 

So what are the main differences between hosting a dedicated server and just creating a convoy session through the main menu? One of the biggest advantages of hosting a dedicated server is that your session will always be running, even without any players online (unlike a convoy that needs a host). This means players are free to join the session to continue their job and leave again freely when they need to without worry.

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