How to host your own Discord bot

In this guide, you will find all the important information about hosting your own Discord bot.

Uploading your bot files

First of all, we need to upload the bot on the server.

Log in to your server control panel and navigate to the file manager section. Here you can upload your bot to the server.

file manager
file manager
discord bot file
uploaded file

Running your Discord bot

To start your bot, you firstly need to access the CLIs commands.

Navigate to the console section and execute this command:

/bin/bash command
/bin/bash command

Now, choose a command from the list below depending on the language which your bot is running.

Packages: use npm in the bash console OR upload directly.
Startup command: node (file)

Packages: in jar.
Startup command: java -jar (file)

Python 2
Packages: use pip in the bash console.
Startup command: python (file)

Python 3
Packages: use pip3 in the bash console.
Startup command: python3 (file)

C # and .NET
Packages: in .exe.
Startup Command:
C# .NET .exe - "Mono <your bot file>
C# .NET binary - "/<your bot file>"

Go (and other binaries)
Packages: in binary.
Startup command: ./(file)
Extra: compile for GOOS = linux and GOARCH = amd64

You can also find this list in the startup section of your server control panel.

discord bot startup commands
startup commands

Now, execute the command in the console section to run your Discord bot.


example discord bot
startup command example

Your Discord bot should now be up and running.

Youssef Ayman

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