How to reset a broken Project Zomboid character without affecting other player’s character

Is your character file broken, and you are unable to re-create new characters in Project Zomboid server? This guide will show you how to reset a broken character without affecting other players character

Note: This can not recover the player to its original state it will only reset the player 

  1. Locate your players.db file in your server. This will be found in the Project folder assuming our server is named servertest


2. Download the player.db file to your computer.

3. You then need a DB file reader. This will use https://sqlitebrowser.org/. Install it and click open Database

edit player.db

4. Select the network players and find find the broken character file of specific player, click the digits of left side of it, it should can select the entire column, and delete

5. Save the file and reupload it to the server.

6. Reboot the server and you should be able to create new characters.

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