How to use EssentialsX Vanish ability on your Minecraft server

As a Minecraft server owner or administrator, you may sometimes need to become invisible to your players while monitoring their activities or performing server maintenance. This is where the EssentialsX plugin comes in, which includes a “vanish” ability that allows you to become invisible to everyone except other players with the same permission. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of using the EssentialsX vanish ability on your Minecraft server, so that you can remain hidden while keeping an eye on things

How to use the vanish ability on your server:

1- Install EssentialsX on your server, if you don’t know how, then take a look at this article “How to install and use EssentialsX on your Minecraft server

2- Make sure you have OP permissions or the “essentials.vanish” permissions. Then, join your server and enter the “/vanish” command to become invisible to other players. Note that only players with the “essentials.vanish.see” or OP permissions will be able to see you while you are vanished

Note: To turn off the Vanish ability run the same command again “/vanish

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