Installing Skyrim Together Reborn using Mod Organizer 2

Installing Skyrim Together Reborn mod with Mod Organizer 2 is a little different.

First, download Skyrim Together Reborn as you would with Vortex, through Mod Manager Download. You will get a warning about a data folder. You can simply click “OK”.

Then, click the yellow folder button and select “Open mods folder“.

Navigate to the SkyrimTogetherReborn folder and copy that path. You’ll need it later.

Next, click the executables dropdown and hit “Edit”.

Next, click the plus icon, and hit Add from file…

Next, navigate to the SkyrimTogetherReborn folder you found earlier and double click SkyrimTogether.exe.

Finally, press Apply, close the window, and select the Skyrim Together profile.

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