Configuring Your HumanitZ Server Settings

Configuring Your HumanitZ Server Settings

Optimizing your HumanitZ server involves a detailed approach to editing and managing server settings. This guide, tailored for XGamingServer users, provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to efficiently modify server settings to enhance gameplay, performance, and player satisfaction.

The Importance of Server Settings in HumanitZ

Server settings play a pivotal role in defining the gameplay experience. They determine the server’s rules, mechanics, and overall environment, affecting everything from game difficulty to player interactions. Proper configuration ensures a balanced, engaging, and smooth-running server that meets the specific needs of its community.

Editing Server Settings on Your HumanitZ Server

Adjusting your server settings requires administrative access to your XGamingServer control panel. The following steps guide you through the process, ensuring you can customize your server to your exact preferences.

Step 1: Log Into XGamingServer Control Panel

Begin by accessing the XGamingServer control panel. This centralized dashboard is your gateway to all server management functions, including the editing of server settings.

Step 2: Halt Server Operations

To prevent any conflicts or data corruption, it’s crucial to stop your server before making changes to its settings. This ensures that your modifications are safely applied.

Step 3: Locate the Server Settings Option

Within the XGamingServer control panel, navigate to the server settings section. This area contains a comprehensive list of configurable options that control various aspects of your server’s gameplay and performance.

Step 4: Edit the Desired Settings

Once in the server settings menu, you can begin modifying the settings according to your needs. This may include adjustments to gameplay mechanics, such as item spawn rates, player permissions, environmental conditions, and more. Each setting can be tailored to create the desired balance and challenge level on your server.

Step 5: Apply Changes and Restart Server

After making the necessary adjustments, save your changes. Then, restart your server to apply the new settings. This step is crucial for the changes to take effect, ensuring players experience the updated server environment immediately.


Effectively managing your HumanitZ server settings is essential for providing a customized and enjoyable gaming experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure your server is perfectly aligned with your vision and the preferences of your community. The XGamingServer control panel offers a user-friendly interface for making these adjustments, empowering you to fine-tune your server for optimal performance and engagement.

HumanitZ Server Settings

Auto UpdateEnable automatic updates on server boot.
Server NameName of the server.
Server PasswordInput a password before joining the server.
Save NameSave file name for the server.
Admin PasswordPassword to enable admin access.
Max PlayersMaximum number of players allowed.
Only Allowed PlayersRestrict server to allowed players only.
Saving World IntervalSaves the game every X seconds.
Permanent DeathSets the level of permanent death difficulty.
Off is recommended for public servers.
On DeathItems that drop on death.
PvPEnable or disable PvP.
Clear InfectionSets whether infection is clears or stays on death.
Eagle EyeEnable or disable eagle eye purchase.
(Currently disabled by the devs)
Air DropEnable or disable air drop events.
0 = Disable air drops
1 = Enable air drops
Weapon DurabilitySets whether weapons break.
 = Weapons break when reaching 0% durability except crow bar
0 = Only improvised break at 0% durability
Multiplayer SleepSets whether time passes when sleeping in multiplayer.
 = Time passes if everyone performs the sleep emote at the same time
0 = Passing time is disabled
Building HealthHealth multiplier of player placed buildings. Set to 1 for default.
Loot RespawnEnable or disable loot respawning.
Loot Respawn TimerHow long loot respawns in seconds when it is enabled.
Loot RaritySets the loot rarity scale.
Air Drop IntervalAir drop every X day.
Zombie Difficulty (Health)Sets the zombie difficulty health.
Zombie Difficulty (Speed)Sets the zombie difficulty speed.
Zombie Difficulty (Damage)Sets the zombie difficulty damage.
Human DifficultySets the human difficulty.
 = Very Easy
1 = Easy
2 = Default
3 = Hard
4 = Very Hard
5 = Nightmare
Zombie Amount MultiplierSets the zombie amount multiplier.
Zombie spawn count multiplierSets the zombie spawn count multiplier.
Human Amount MultiplierSets the hostile humans amount multiplier.
Zombie Dog MultiplierSets the zombie dog spawn amount multiplier.
Zombie dog spawn count multiplierSets the zombie dog spawn count multiplier.
Zombie Respawn TimerTime in minutes for zombies to respawn.
Human Respawn TimerTime in minutes for hostile humans to respawn.
Animal Respawn TimerTime in minutes for animals to respawn.
Starting SeasonSets the starting season.
= Summer
1 = Autumn
2 = Winter
3 = Spring
Days Per SeasonThe number of days for each season.
Day DurationDay duration in minutes.
Night DurationNight duration in minutes.
Vital DrainVital drain speed.
0 = Slow
1 = Normal
2 = Fast
Dog Companions EnabledEnable finding dog companions that can be recruited.
Dog Companion AmountNumber of companion dogs that could spawn randomly.
Recruit Companion DogsAllow players to recruit companion dogs.
Companion HealthDog companion health.
0 = Low
1 = Default
2 = High
Companion DamageDog companion damage.
0 = Low
1 = Default
2 = High
No Death FeedbackSets the visibility of player died notifications in chat.
0 = Enable notification
1 = Disable notification
Allow DismantleEnables players to dismantle their own buildings.
0 = Disable dismantling
1 = Enable dismantling
Allow House DismantleEnables players to dismantle house props.
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