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Why you should rent a Dedicated Ark SE server hosting

dedicated ark server hosting

Dedicated and non dedicated server ARK offer varying experiences during your gaming and in this article, we are going to touch upon those differences to help you decide between your desired set-up for your preferred gaming adventure

What is ARK?

ARK SE: Survival Evolved is an adventure game, first released in August 2017, where players have to survive on island amongst dinosaurs, leviathans and other monstrous creatures whilst joining up with other players or rivaling against them. It is supported on major platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Android and iOS besides Windows and Mac OS. ARK allows you to choose between two modes: you can play the game from either a first or third-person perspective within no matter the type of the dedicated and non dedicated server.

ARK allows for single or multiplayer options and depending on the server, the number of players can vary significantly. There are numerous ark non dedicated server options available in the market and you can opt for this option if you want. However, if you are an avid player and would like to fully enjoy your gaming experience without having to encounter any lags or crashes that can take away from your recreational time, a dedicated server ark might be a better option for you.

What is the Major Difference between Dedicated and Non Dedicated Server ARK Gaming?

A dedicated ARK server may require more time and effort to configure and set up at first compared to shared servers, but bear in mind that you will gain a flawless hosting service and for a much cheaper price than using a shared hosting provider.

What is the difference between dedicated and non dedicated servers generally?

Dedicated server is the practice of having a unique IP and specific server serving only for you, while in non dedicated server a number of websites and people can benefit from the same server. Since you share ark non dedicated server, you will not have the opportunity to use the total assets of the server.

However, a dedicated server will make switching between games a superfluous step at all times, while it might be a challenge to get maximum performance on gaming with ark non dedicated server.  It will ensure that there will be no stutters or frame drops – which are the last thing a gamer would want to happen, while allowing simultaneous access to ten and more users depending on the bandwidth and RAM sizes, unlike other ARK hosting providers in the market. It is advisable that your operating system be 65-bit and you start with a RAM size of 6GB if you plan to host for numerous players. For example, for 100 players you would need an additional 4GB top run your server smoothly, which comes with a dedicated server ark.

If you want to give it a go, you may check our price plans for dedicated ark servers and in case you are hesitant, consider trying our service with a free trial.

May you have any questions or concerns on how to set up the dedicated server ark, please, feel free to contact our help and support team which are available 24/7.

Things to consider before renting a Dedicated Ark server.

Lower pings

Ping is the delay for a round trip between your game client and  your Ark server, measured in milliseconds

Ideally the lower the ping the better the game experience you’ll have, as there will be less latency and less lag.

Our Ark servers boast very lower pings for your better experience

No Slot limits.

At Xgamingserver we proud ourselves in selling dedicated server resources rather than game slots. Once you order our game server you can add as many players as the resources can handle. Want all your 255 friends to join your server? Knock yourself out but this will impact your gameplay so if you have a team of many players then upgrade to Ark Rookie or Pro Servers

DDOS Protection

Our Ark servers are secured with state of the art DDOss Protection. this is because the online gaming and esports sector are prone to Most DDOS attacks, therefore is essential that our servers be constantly protected against these frequent massive threats.

Ark Server Location.

Our Ark server are located in Europe and Canada at the moment and we hope to expand to more locations in the next coming months. Server location affects your ping and lag so it is always advisable to rent Ark server that are closest to you.

Ark Custom Control panel.

Our control panel is custom built and is optimized for the games we host. Unlike most game hosting companies that use clunky generic control panel for all games.

Here’s a snapshot for the panel. We know Its fancy

Customer support

At XGamingServer we value our customers and we respond to your tickets ASAP. 

High-Performance hardware for Ark servers.

Our servers are hosted on high availability and performance servers. We use the Intel i7 6700k/7700k. Some of the fastest single-core CPUs on the market. high performance equals to better game experience.

Bandwidth requirement.

Our Ark server are hosted on a 250mBps network interface. this is sufficient for any game. as Ark game servers recorded at least 15mbps. If a game server exceeds the bandwith capacity of the network interface gameplay may be negatively affected. 

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