How to Set Admin Password on ARK: Survival Evolved Server

This guide will show you how to configure an admin password on your ARK: Survival Evolved multiplayer server.

Admin password prevents unauthorised players to use “cheats” or admin commands on your ARK: Survival Evolved server.

If players want to use admin commands on your ARK: Surival Evolved server, they must first authorize by typing your admin password in the in-game console.

Setting the Admin Password

The admin password for your server can be set in the XGaming controll panel on the Startup tab.

controll panel
admin password

Don’t forget to restart your server after changing the password to apply the changes.

Enable Cheats on Your ARK Character

Once you are in the game, press the Tab key to open the in-game command console. Pressing the Tab key again maximizes the console window to make it easier to read.

Once you have the console open, enter the following command to authorize as an admin on your ARK: Survival Evolved server.

enablecheats YOUR_PASSOWRD

Replace YOUR_PASSOWRD with your actual admin password.

ark console

You can now use all the admin commands on your server. The admin access only last for your current session, if you leave the server and come back, you will have to authorize with your admin password again.

Admin Commands

Here is a list of all the admin commands that you can use as an admin:

enablecheatsEnable server administrator commands for the current player (only needed for multiplayer).
ceStarts and stops weather of type specified.
gamecommandRuns a game-mode specific command.
gfiAdds the specified item or blueprint to the player’s inventory.
playersonlyToggle on/off all creature movement and crafting. Player movement unaffected.
printcolorsPrints all Color IDs in the console for reference.
startnearesthordeSpawns an Orbital Supply Drop or Element Node at the nearest location to you.
listactivehordeeventsLists all active Orbital Supply Drops and Element Nodes.
scriptcommandRuns a game-mode specific command/script.
slomoSets the game speed multiplier (default 1).
enablespectatorSet game mode to spectator.
requestspectatorRequests spectator mode on servers where there is a spectator password.
setshowallplayersShow/hide player names in spectator mode.
disablespectatorExits spectator mode.
stopspectatingLeaves spectator mode which was enabled with “enablespectator”.
toggledamagenumbersToggles on/off floating damage numbers.
hatcheggSets incubating progress of target egg to 0%.
allowplayertojoinnocheckAdds specified player to the server whitelist.
banplayerBans the specified player.
broadcastBroadcast a message to all players on the server.
tribemessageAdds a message to the specified tribe’s Tribelog.
disallowplayertojoinnocheckRemoves specified player from the server whitelist.
doexitShuts down the server.
getchatReturns the latest chat buffer.
getgamelogPrint 100 entries at a time. Also outputs dated file in “\Logs”.
gettribeidplayerlistPrints a list of every player of a specified tribe.
tribestructureauditPrints types and counts of specified tribe’s structures.
tribedinoauditPrints types and counts of specified tribe’s dinos.
serverchatSends a chat message to all currently connected players.
serverchattoSends a direct chat message to the specified player.
serverchattoplayerSends a direct chat message to the specified player.
saveworldForces the server to save.
setglobalpausePauses/Unpauses the game.
settimeofdaySets the time of day.
showmessageofthedayDisplays the message of the day.
unbanplayerUnbans the specified player.
setcheatplayerEnable cheat commands that affect the current player.
clearplayerinventoryClears inventory of the specified player.
getallstatePrints all entities of the specified type to console.
giveexptotargetGives specified amount of XP to target.
giveinfinitestatstotargetGives infinite stats to target.
kickplayerKicks the specified player from the server.
killInstantly kills the target structure or dino.
killaoeInstantly kills all targets of specified type within specified radius.
killplayerKills the specified player.
renameplayerRenames the specified player.
renametribeRenames the specified tribe.
takealldinoChanges ownership of all dinos from target tribe to player’s tribe.
takeallstructureChanges ownership of all structures from target tribe to player’s tribe.
levelupLevels up target stat for your character.
levelupaoeLevels up target stat for all targets within radius.
leveluptargetLevels up target stat for target.
teleportMoves player character forward in the direction they are facing.
teleportplayeridtomeTeleports the specified player to the current player.
teleportplayernametomeTeleports the specified player to the current player.
teleporttoplayerTeleports current player to the specified player.
teleporttoplayernameTeleports current player to the specified player.
teleporttoactorlocationTeleports current player to the specified target.
tpTeleport to the specified defined location.
tpcoordsTeleports to the specified coordinates.
spiTeleports to the specified coordinates. Allows you to also set yaw and pitch.
setplayerposTeleports player to specified coordinates.
movetargettoTeleports target to specified coordinates.
teleporttoactivehordeTeleports player to the specified horde event.
destroyallDestroys all creatures of specified type.
destroyallenemiesDestroys all non-player creatures.
destroymytargetDestroys target creature.
destroystructuresDestroys all structures.
destroytribedinosDestroys all dinos owned by target tribe.
destroytribeidDestroys specified tribe.
destroytribeiddinosDestroys all dinos owned by specified tribe.
destroytribeidplayersDestroys all players in specified tribe.
destroytribeidstructuresDestroys all structures in specified tribe.
destroytribeplayersDestroys all players in target tribe.
destroytribestructuresDestroys all structures in target tribe.
destroytribestructureslessthanDestroys all structures in specified tribe that have less than the specified connections (snapped structures).
destroywilddinosDestroys all untamed dinos.
forceplayertojointargettribeForces specified player to join target tribe.
forceplayertojointribeForces specified player to join specified tribe.
forcejointribeLets you join target tribe.
forcetribesCreates a new tribe and forces specified players to join it.
giveallstructureGives current player ownership of target structure and all connected structures.
maketribeadminMakes you admin of your current tribe.
maketribefounderMakes you founder of your current tribe.
removetribeadminRemoves your admin status for current tribe.
taketribeGives you all of the specified tribe’s dinos and structures.
givecreativemodeSets game mode to creative.
givecreativemodetotargetSets game mode of target player to creative.
givecreativemodetoplayerSets game mode of specified player to creative.
addexperienceAdds specified amount of XP.
unlockengramUnlocks Tek Engram.
hideridersToggle on/off rider invisibility.
changesizeChanges player size (default 1).
cleartutorialsResets all tutorials.
enemyinvisibleToggle on/off hostility. When enabled, all creatures will ignore you.
execsetsleepingPuts current player to sleep or wakes them up.
flyActivates fly mode.
ghostActivates ghost mode, allowing you to pass through objects/terrain.
givecolorsGives the specified quantity of each dye.
giveengramsUnlocks all crafting recipes for player.
giveengramstekonlyGives all tek engrams to player.
givetekengramstoGives all tek engrams to specified player.
giveexptoplayerGives specified player the specified amount of XP.
giveitemAdds the specified item to the player’s inventory.
giveitemnumAdds the specified item to the player’s inventory.
giveitemtoplayerAdds the specified item to the specified player’s inventory.
giveitemnumtoplayerAdds the specified item to the specified player’s inventory.
giveresourcesAdds 50 of each resource to player’s inventory.
giveslotitemAdds specified item to specified item slot.
giveslotitemnumAdds specified item to specified item slot.
givetomeChanges ownership of target dino or structure to current player.
gmbuffExecutes the “god”, “infinitestats”, and “enemyinvisible” commands, and provides XP.
envqaExecutes the “gmbuff”, “givearmorset tek 0”, “stat fps”, and “stat unit” commands.
godToggles invulnerability.
hidetutorialHides specified tutorial.
hurtmeDeals specified amount of damage to player.
infinitestatsSets all stats to maximum until command is repeated.
leavemealoneExecutes the “god”, “infinitestats”, and “enemyinvisible” commands.
ontoggleingamemenuEnables/disables opening of in-game menu when you hit ESC.
openmapLoads the specified map.
playercommandGives the player the specified ascension effect.
setadminiconShows/hides your admin icon.
setfacialhairpercentSets length of facial hair.
setfacialhairstyleSets style of facial hair.
setheadhairpercentSets length of head hair.
setheadhairstyleSets style of head hair.
setgodmodeEnables/disables god mode.
settargetplayerbodyvalSets index of specified body region.
settargetplayercolorvalSets color of specified body region.
showingamemenuDisplays the in-game menu.
showtutorialDisplays the specified tutorial.
suicideKill yourself (won’t work with God mode enabled).
toggleinfiniteammoToggles on/off infinite ammo.
walkDeactivates fly mode.
togglegunDisables/enables display of character’s equipped item or hands.
refillstatsSets all stats to maximum (one-off, unlike infinitestats).
givearmorsetGives you a full armor set of the specified tier and quality.
giveweaponsetGives you a full weapon set of the specified tier and quality.
giveitemsetGives you a full item set of the specified tier.
clearmybuffsClears all currently active buffs from player.
setmytargetsleepingKnocks out target dino or player.
maxascendUnlocks all ascensions for specified player.
defeatbossUnlocks specified boss for specified player.
defeatallbossesUnlocks all bosses for specified player.
giveallexplorernotesUnlocks all explorer notes for player.
giveexplorernoteUnkocks specified explorer note for player.
addhexagonsAdds specified number of hexagons.
destroyallDestroys all of a specified type of creature.
destroyallenemiesDestroys all non-player creatures.
dotameTames the target creature, if possible.
dumpdinostatsDumps the stats for the target dino into the console.
forcetameTames the target dino.
forcetameaoeTames all dinos within specified radius (default 2000).
raincrittersSpawns mix of sheep and dodos above player.
raindinosSpawns mix of trikes and paranaurs above player.
raindangerSpawns mix of rexes and allos above player.
sdfSpawn creature of specified type with random level.
setbabyageSets age of target baby dino.
setimprintqualitySets imprint quality of target dino.
setimprintedplayerChanges imprinted player of target dino to specified player.
transferimprintsTransfers all dinos imprinted on old playerid to new playerid.
settargetdinocolorSets the target dino to specified colors.
spawnactorSpawns the specified entity at a random level.
spawnactorspreadSpawns the specified number of entities in the specified area.
spawndinoSpawns the specified dino at the specified level.
summonSpawns the specified entity. Can be used to spawn beacons.
summontamedSpawn a force-tamed creature of the specified type.
gmsummonSpawns creature of specified type and tames it (but still requires saddle).
givedinosetSpawns a set of dinos in specified tier, fully set up with stats and saddles.
spawnsetupdinoSpawns a dino set up to specifications.
forcepoopForces target dino to poop.
clearcryosicknessRemoves cryo-sickness status from target.
dino resetResets all blink cooldowns for target dino.
dino infiniteblinkDon’t use blink cooldown slots, just always allow blinking for target dino.
dinoset cooldownsSet number of blink cooldown slots for target dino.
dino donthideriderduringblinkPrevents enforcer from touching rider visibility during blink for target dino.
dinoset blinkSets the blink vfx (forwards) to the specified percentage for target dino.
dinoset blinkbackSets the blink vfx (forwards) to the specified percentage for target dino.
dino inflateSets current inflation to maximum for target dino.
dinoset inflateIncreases/decreases inflation of target dino by specified amount.
dino infinitegasConstantly refills inflation for target dino. Keeps at maximum until command is repeated.
dino resetResets Mek fuel to maximum and heat level to zero for target dino.
dino infinitefuelKeeps fuel at 100% for target dino.
dinoset fuelAdds/subtracts specified amount of fuel for target dino.
dino noheatKeeps heat at 0% for target dino.
dino toggleupkeepDisables/enables Mek upkeep for target dino.
dinoset upkeepintervalSets the Mek’s upkeep interval in seconds for target dino.
dino replayintroMakes the MegaMek invisible, then replays the intro effect VFX.
dinoset blinkSets the blink/intro effect to specified level for target dino.
dinoset eattimeSets time in seconds between sitting down to digest for target dino.
dino destroyrightnodeDismembers right arm and destroys node for target dino.
dino destroyleftnodeDismembers left arm and destroys node for target dino.
dino destroycenternodeDestroys center node for target dino.
copycoordstoclipboardCopies current coordinates and rotation to clipboard (x y z yaw pitch).
debugstructuresToggles debug info display when looking at structures.
statEnables on-screen debug display.
showdebugEnables on-screen debug display.
setgraphicsqualitySets client graphics quality.
autocycleProvides unlimited health for specified duration for player.
dorestartlevelRestart the map.
getplayeridforsteamidReturns playerid for player with specified steamid.
getsteamidforplayeridReturns steamid for player with specified playerid.
teleporttoactorlocationTeleports you to the location of the specified actor.
addequipmentdurabilityAdds durability/water/energy to hotbar and equipped items.
dcmsetSets a property on the Day Cycle Manager.
debugallowvrmissionteleportTeleport to the final boss of Genesis: Part 1.
destroyfoliageDestroys all foliage and auto-harvests all resource nodes in specified radius.
destroywilddinoclassesDestroys all wild dinos of the specified type.
dino titanmodeMultiplies inflation x10.
findmutagendropsConsole displays locations of nearby Mutagen Bulbs.
forcegivebuffForces a status effect on your character or dino mount.
forcemutagenspawnForces a Mutagen Bulb to spawn nearby.
forceupdatedynamicconfigForces an update of the dynamic config.
geteggSpawns fertilised egg from targeted dino.
infiniteweightRemoves weight restrictions from player inventory.
listmybuffsLists all buff IDs in the console.
openJoin specified server.
previewmodeChanges appearance of game graphics.
r.shadowqualitySets quality of shadow appearance.
removeallworldbuffsRemoves all map buffs (only in Genesis: Part 2).
setdaySets the current day number.
setdifficultyvalueSets the max level for wild dino spawns.
setstatontargetSets the value of the specified stat.
spawnexactdinoSpawns a dino with the specified characteristics. (Warning: can cause game to crash!)

Some commands need item ID’s. You can find them here.

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