Guide to the Best Base Locations in V Rising

Discovering the most strategic and resource-rich base locations in V Rising can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the top locations where you can establish your vampire stronghold, ensuring both survival and supremacy in the dark world of Vardoran.

West Farbane Woods: A Prime Starting Point

West Farbane location on map with the copper mines and armory in close proximity(indicated by the triangles).

Strategic Benefits

West Farbane Woods offers a balanced mix of accessibility and resource availability, making it an ideal starting base for new players, especially single players. The proximity to essential early-game resources like wood, stone, and basic prey makes it easier to kickstart your journey. These resources can be found in the Bandit Armory and the Bandit Copper mine.

  • Accessibility: Easy access to nearby resources and waypoints.
  • Defense: Natural barriers provide protection against early enemy raids as it only has one entrance.

Central Farbane Woods: For Resource-Heavy Expansion

Abundance of Resources

Located west of the Forgotten Cemetery, Central Farbane Woods is dense with high-quality materials. This location is perfect for players looking to expand their base operations with more advanced structures and defenses. Ideal for multiple players as it has two entrances which will require defending.

  • Resource Variety: Rich in higher-tier materials needed for mid-game progression.
  • Strategic Position: Central location provides quick routes to various map points.

North-West Gloomrot: Spacious Territory for Advanced Players

Ideal for Large Scale Operations

For players who are advancing into the late game, the North-West region of Gloomrot offers expansive territories suitable for large-scale constructions and sophisticated defenses. Its strategic position near critical late-game resources such as the Transcendum mine and the spider cave makes it a coveted base location.

  • Expansion Ready: Ample space for extensive base layouts and advanced crafting stations.
  • Proximity to Endgame Resources: Near high-value targets for raiding and resource gathering.

Optimizing Your Base Construction in V Rising

To fully capitalize on these locations, it’s crucial to plan your base layout effectively. Prioritize the construction of essential buildings like the Castle Heart, Blood Altar, and Workshops. Ensure your defenses are robust, utilizing the natural landscape and reinforcing your perimeter with traps and guard towers.

Efficient Layout Tips

  • Centralize Vital Structures: Keep your Castle Heart and key production buildings close to minimize the risk of critical damage during attacks.
  • Utilize Terrain: Build on elevated ground when possible to gain a defensive advantage.


Choosing the right base location in V Rising is pivotal to your survival and dominance. West Farbane Woods, Central Farbane Woods, and North-West Gloomrot provide strategic advantages that cater to different stages of the game. By understanding the unique benefits of each area and optimizing your base layout accordingly, you can establish a stronghold that not only survives but thrives in the competitive world of Vardoran. Interested? Grab a dedicated server here!

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