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Install Mods Valheim Server

What are Valheim Mods?

mod (short for “modification”) is an alteration by players or fans of a video game that changes one or more aspects of a video game, such as how it looks or behaves. Mods may range from small changes and tweaks to complete overhauls and can extend the replay value and interest of the game. In this case, will be looking at how to install valheim mods on a server.

Over time, modded version of games has become so popular that the original version of the game is often referred to as plain vanilla this is most common with Minecraft.

Popular sites in which you can find mods include Nexus Mods.

How to install Valheim Mods on a gaming server

Running your game on our Valheim game server and want to spice things up with mods? Then we have you covered Below I have detailed how to install mods on XgamingServer panel.

You can also rent an already installed ValheimPlus Modded server.

Method 01:

Installing Mods to Valheim using BepInExPack for Valheim

BepInEx is a general purpose framework for Unity modding. BepInEx includes tools and libraries to

  • load custom code (hereafter plugins) into the game on launch;
  • patch in-game methods, classes and even entire assemblies without touching original game files;
  • configure plugins and log game to desired outputs like console or file;
  • manage plugin dependencies.

BepInExPack for Valheim contents

This pack is preconfigured and usable for Valheim modding.
In particular, the changes from base BepInEx releases are:

  • Added preconfigured BepInEx.cfg with console enabled.
  • Added unstripped Unity + Mono BCL DLLs for current versions of the game. See this issue comment for more info.
  • Updated Doorstop configuration and BepInEx to allow to load unstripped DLLs without having to overwrite game DLLs.
  • Added scripts necessary to run both game and dedicated server on Linux machines

Downlaod BeInExPack Valheim

Install Mods Valheim Server

Installation for BeInExPack for Valheim Dedicated Server

To install BeInExPack the following

1. Login to your game panel.

After you place an order for your game server you’ll be sent login details to your server control panel.

2. Navigate to File Manager

On your game panel, navigate to File Manager tab, here you’ll see the game files.

3. Extract the archive into a folder.

Extract the archive into a folder. Do not extract into the game folder.

4. Upload Contents

Upload the contents of BepInExPack_Valheim folder into 

<File Manager>/home/container 
Install Mods Valheim Server
Valheim Mods Installation to server

You could also use the one-click BepInEx Mod installer on the game panel.

Our game panel has a one click installer for BepInEx as shown below

BepInEx one clicker installer

Download the Mods and Upload to the Valheim Server

Install Mods Valheim Server
Valheim Mods

Now that you have install BeInExPack download your Mods and upload the mod files to

 <File Manager>/home/container/BepInEx/plugins

Install Mods Valheim Server
Valheim Mods BeinExPack

Edit the Startup config file

For your server to use the mods you have to edit the start up config file on the root folder


Copy the following lines of code and make sure to edit the necessary server name password and port

# BepInEx-specific settings
# NOTE: Do not edit unless you know what you are doing!
export DOORSTOP_INVOKE_DLL_PATH=./BepInEx/core/BepInEx.Preloader.dll
export DOORSTOP_CORLIB_OVERRIDE_PATH=./unstripped_corlib

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="./doorstop_libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
export LD_PRELOAD="libdoorstop_x64.so:$LD_PRELOAD"

export SteamAppId=892970

echo "Starting server PRESS CTRL-C to exit"

# Tip: Make a local copy of this script to avoid it being overwritten by steam.
# NOTE: Minimum password length is 5 characters & Password cant be in the server name.
# NOTE: You need to make sure the ports 2456-2458 is being forwarded to your server through your local router & firewall.
exec ./valheim_server.x86_64 -name "My server" -port 2486 -world "Dedicated" -password "secret"

Change the file permission to 755

For the Valheim server to read the start_server_bepinex.sh file you have to change the file permission from 644 to 755 as shown below. 

Install Mods Valheim Server
change bepinex file permission
Install Mods Valheim Server

Open a ticket to request start up config change

Open a support ticket so that the start up command can be changed.

from this

Install Mods Valheim Server
Valheim server Mods startup command

to this

Install Mods Valheim Server
Valheim Mods startup command

Reboot your Valheim Dedicated server

Checking BepInEx version and load status

If BepInEx was loaded successfully into the game, you should see BepInEx version info in top left corner of the main menu:

BepInEx version in top-left corner of main menu
Valheim Mods startup command

Congratulations you have now installed BepInex on a Valheim game server now you can enjoy modding your game.

Method 02:

Installing Mods to Valheim using uMod for Valheim.

Steps to installing Valheim Mods on a Valheim Dedicated Server

1. Place an order for a Valheim moded uMod server

2. Navigate to the game panel on the startup menu

Valheim server mods-umds

3. Here you’ll see the install Plugins section

To Install uMod plugins enter their names separated by spaces, such as Autosave Sleepless Position MaxPlayers and much more.

install mods on a valheim server using umod

Method 03:

Installing Mods to Valheim using Valheim Plus Server.

Valheim Plus features on server

  • Remove password requirement for the server.
  • Modify the maximum amount of players on a server.
  • Modify number of seconds it takes for items to despawn after being dropped on the ground. (default is 3600 seconds).
    • Note: Items on ground will retain base game functionality which ensures that drops don’t disappear if a player is nearby or there is a “player base” nearby
  • Automatically sync V+ configuration of players joining a server to match the server’s configuration.

For more Valheim Plus features you can check out here.

Valheim Plus Server Installation

When Placing an order simply select Valheim Plus mod.

If you already bought a server please open a ticket and we’ll installed a Valheim Plus modded server for you

Valheim Plus Server hosting
Valheim Plus Order page

Valheim Plus Server Config

To open the configuration file you have to open the “Configs” page in the game server interface, where you can see the “ValheimPlus: valheim_plus.cfg“. This can be opened via the blue icon which is located next to the configuration file.

A list of all commands that can be used in the configuration file can be found here

Valheim Server hosting
Valheim Server hosting


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