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Dedicated Vs Slots Valheim Server

What is Valheim Dedicated Server?

There are a number of game server options available in the market which will provide you with a satisfactory level of gaming experience. However, if you are an avid and professional player, dedicated Valheim servers are the ideal option for you. But what is Valheim dedicated server at all? It may require more time and effort setting up and running a Valheim dedicated server, however, it will provide you with a flawless gaming experience in which you can expect low ping with faster gameplay data updates between the players and game server. When you use a shared server instead of a Valheim dedicated server, you will have to share the virtual and technical resources of the same server with different users even game players, which will result in a poor gaming experience for the delayed data updates.

Advantages of Valheim Dedicated Server

Dedicated Valheim server is known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive servers. This amazing gaming server will make your day by providing smoother gameplay quality and high FPS performance. Whenever you play the game, Valheim dedicated servers will boost your excitement by maintaining a flawless atmosphere. There are several things to keep in mind before to buy Valheim dedicated server. Before setting up and running a Valheim dedicated server, you first thing you should do is to download the Steam CMD from the valve. After the completion of downloading, you have to extract it to the folder you want to install it in your Hard Disk. Inside the folder, you have to create another folder. Save your steam username and password in text file these are some of the simple steps to follow in order to install a dedicated Valheim server.

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Valheim Dedicated Server Instruction Manual

Running a dedicated server is a great way to provide a persistent world in which you and
your friends can play anytime. Setting up a dedicated server requires some cursory scripting
knowledge and, more importantly, knowing how to set up your router to allow data to be sent
to and from the server and its connected clients.

This guide will help you script the server application but due to the multitude of router and
modem types in use today, and differing internet connection setups, we can’t provide any
detailed instructions on how to configure your router. Please refer to your router manual or

Downloading the Dedicated Server program from Steam

  1. Inthe Steam Library, click the top left dropdown menu and make sure the
    ‘Tools’-checkbox is filled.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Valheim Dedicated Server and click ‘Install’.

Running the Dedicated Valheim Server

Before running the Server, you have to manually enter some relevant information in the
‘start_headless_server.bat’-file (Linux: ‘start_server.sh’).

We recommend that you make a copy of this file and enter the required information in the
copy instead of the original, since the original file will be reset each time it is updated in
Steam (requiring you to re-enter your information). Just be aware that you won’t be able to
launch the copy from Steam, since that shortcut only points to the original filename.

A PLEASE NOTE: The most important thing is to make sure that the Server uses a Port

Range that has access to the Internet. This is done by ‘Port Forwarding’, please refer
to your Router manual for details on how to do this. The default Port Range that the Server
uses is 2456-2457.

  1. Navigate to the installation folder. To find the installation folder, right-click the
    ‘Valheim Dedicated Server’-entry in your Steam Library and choose ‘Manage/Browse
    local files’.
  2. Right-click ‘start_headless_server.bat’ (your copy or the original) and choose ‘Edit’ to
    open the file in Notepad (Linux: open a terminal in the server directory and run the
    bash script: “./start_server.sh”).
  3. The following properties are the ones we are interested in, they are all located on line
    7 which starts with the text ‘start valheim_server….
-name “My server”Enter the name of your server that will be visible in the Server list.
-port 2456Choose the Port which you want the server to communicate with. Please note that this has to correspond with the Port Forwarding settings on your Router. Valheim uses the specified Port AND specified Port+1. Default Ports are 2456-2457.
-world “Dedicated”A World with the name entered will be created. You may also choose an already existing World by entering its name.

-password “Secret”Sets the password.
-savedir [PATH]Overrides the default save path where Worlds and permission-files are stored. Default path WINDOWS: “../%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/ IronGate/Valheim” LINUX: “~/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim”
-public 1Sets the visibility of your server. 1 is default and will make the server visible in the browser. Set it to 0 to make the server invisible and only joinable via the ‘Join IP’-button. Setting public to 0 is a good option if you wish to run a local LAN server, where players can join via the local IP of the server.
  1. Once you’re done setting up (don’t forget to save the file) you can start Valheim Server either by launching it directly in Windows or via Steam. If you get a Windows firewall-popup please fill all checkboxes to allow the Server to communicate with the Internet.
  2. When the Server program shows the message ‘Game server connected’ the Server is up and running, ready to accept connections.

Stopping the Dedicated Server

1.When you wish to stop running the server, it is important that you close it by
pressing CTRL+C in the Command-window. If you close it by clicking the X in the
window frame the Server may keep running in the background, we don’t really know!

Administrating the Server and setting permissions

You can edit three separate text-files to set

1) who has admin privileges,

2) who is banned
from your server, and

3) who is permitted on your server.

These three files, located in the default save path, are called ‘adminlist.txt, bannedlist.txt’,
and permittedlist.txt. Add Steam IDs (one per line) to set desired roles.

Please note that adding a person on the permitted list will ban everyone else from the

server. In-Game: Admin console commands (F5 to bring down console)

Kick PLAYERNAMEKicks a player from the Server.
Ban PLAYERNAMEBans a player from the Server.
Unban PLAYERNAMEUnbans a player.
BannedLists all banned players.

Valheim Slot servers

Slots, or “Player Slots”, are the total number of spaces on a game server available to players.

The easiest way to describe slots is to think of desks in a classroom. Say a single classroom has 25 desks, which means it can support up to 25 students at a time. Slots work the same way! Just think of the classroom as your server, the desks as your amount of slots, and the students as your players!

Do I have to have specific players assigned or can any players join the slots?

Player slots (the “desks”) are not assigned to any specific players, so once a slot is open, any player can fill it. Your total amount of slots simply asks as a maximum player count so only X amount of players may connect to your server at a time.

Do Valheim player slots affect my whitelist?

Player slots won’t affect your whitelist in any way. If you enable whitelisting, whitelisted players can join so long as open slots are available.

Do slots affect my Valheim server performance?

Slots don’t affect the server in any way other than a player’s ability to connect if the server has an open slot available or not. Slots alone won’t cause anything, positive or negative. but the problem comes in where other games utilize more resources on the server. this will impact the experience

What if I cap out my server slots?

You’re more than welcome to fill your server with players and we hope that those of you looking to do so do! However, you’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate settings and resources so your players have a great experience. While slots don’t affect the server, memory and other configurations definitely do. Insufficient memory, lack of restarts, etc. can cause poor performance or even server crashes.

What’s the point in having any specific amount set?

While the average server owner generally doesn’t have this concern, slots are often used by server owners who run networks, have limited funds, or for special events.

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