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How to create a CS2 Dedicated server

Download the CS2 Dedicated server, which is part of the full game. The server application can’t be downloaded separately. Install Steam, set the server directory, and login with your Steam account. Use console commands to start the server. For more advanced configuration and troubleshooting, refer to the provided instructions.

Note: Be aware that the dedicated server is part of the full game, so you will download the full CS2 game for now (est. 33gb + workshop files if any). As there is currently no solution to download the dedicated server application but it exists.

**Note:**If you wanna give it a try it seems the following steam Depot id for the dedicated server which is 2347773

This describes the process of installing / updating the CS2 dedicated server. These steps are required every time the game is updated. To automate this process for future updates, see SteamCMD#Automating SteamCMD.

1. Download and install SteamCMD.

  1. Start SteamCMD. At the Steam> prompt, set your CS2 Dedicated Server install directory.

**Bug:**On some Linux distributions the path cannot contain any capital letters


  • Windows:
force_install_dir c:\\cs2-ds\\
force_install_dir .\\cs2-ds\\

  • Linux:
force_install_dir /full/path/to/cs2-ds/

  1. Login in with your steam user

**Warning:**Due to the fact there is no dedicated server application to CS2, you will have to login with your steam account.

login <username> [<password>] [<Steam guard code>]

  1. Install or Update CS2. If this is your first time installing or if you are trying to verify the integrity of the server files:
app_update 730 validate

If this is simply an update to an existing CS2 dedicated server:

app_update 730

  1. Once finished, type quit at the Steam> prompt to properly log off of the Steam servers.

Registering Game Server Login Token

**Confirm:**The server auto generates the GSLT on startup, and stores it locally, and renews when able to.

Starting the Server

**Note:**For information about ports to be forwarded see the general SRCDS page.

**Note:**Default gamemode when starting the server is competitive. See #Game_Modes_&_Types for all game modes

**Note:**You need to add the parameter -dedicated for it to launch the dedicated server, else it launches the game.


Head to the folder where you downloaded the application and open a terminal there.

Head to the executeable for the server that is stored in game/bin/win64/cs2.exe – But dont click on it as it will just launch the game.

In the terminal run the following command to start the server:

.\\cs2.exe -dedicated +map de_dust2


Head to the folder where you downloaded the application.

Head to the executeable that is stored in game/bin/linuxsteamrt64/cs2

Run the following command to start the server:

./cs2 -dedicated +map de_dust2

Game Modes & Types

**This article or section needs to be updated to include current information regarding the subject.**Remember to check for any notes left by the tagger at this article’s talk page

**Note:**These are console commands for the working gamemodes, simple change map after applying the values for best result

**Note:**More in depth view is in the works with all game modes.

game_alias competitive <- sets both game mode and game type commands
game_mode 1
game_type 0

game_alias wingman <- sets both game mode and game type commands
game_mode 2
game_type 0

game_alias casual <- sets both game mode and game type commands
game_mode 0
game_type 0

game_alias deathmatch <- sets both game mode and game type commands
game_mode 2
game_type 1

game_alias custom <- sets both game mode and game type commands
game_mode 0
game_type 3

Alternative Deployments


If your server is running Docker, you can simply use:

docker run -d --net=host --name=cs2 -e STEAMUSER={YOUR_STEAM_USER} -e STEAMPASS={YOUR_STEAM_PASSWD} joedwards32/cs2

The container will automatically update the game on startup, so if there is a game update just restart the container.

The config is located within the container here: /home/steam/cs2-dedicated/cs2/cfg

You can find the associated Docker Hub page here: https://hub.docker.com/r/joedwards32/cs2

Advanced Configuration



steamservice.so missing/failed to load

This is a common issue with a fairly easy fix.

The reason for this error is that SteamCMD doesnt place the file in the folder it should, as the games typically look for it there. So what you need todo is the following.

Create a symlink (shortcut) for each of the files like this: (run each seprately)

ln -s /home/your_user/.local/share/Steam/steamcmd/linux64/steamclient.so /home/your_user/.steam/sdk64/
ln -s /home/your_user/.local/share/Steam/steamcmd/linux32/steamclient.so /home/your_user/.steam/sdk32/

Replace your_user with the username you are using.

**Note:**If you are using multiple steam instances make sure the accounts that run them have also done the steps for above.

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