How to disable freeze damage in your Minecraft server

In this article, we will show you how to disable freeze damage on your Minecraft server, and prevent players from taking damage from cold temperatures in certain biomes.

How to disable freeze damage in your server?

1- Start your Minecraft server from your server’s control panel, then open your game then click on “Multiplayer

2- Click on “Add Server

3- At “Server Address” enter your server’s IP, which you can find in your server’s control panel, then hit “Done

4- You will find your server added to the servers list select it then hit “Join Server

5- Open the in-game chat, then run this command /gamerule freezeDamage false and players will not take damage from cold temperatures or freezing biomes

Note: To use this command, you need to have server operator permissions, which means that you must be an OP (operator) on the server.

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