Valheim Mods Installation to server

How to disable Valheim Server Bepinex/mods

Tired of running Valheim Mods and want to go Vanilla?

In this guide I’m going to show you how to disable Mods in your dedicated server

1. Login to your game panel.

After you place an order for your game server you’ll be sent login details to your server control panel.

2. Navigate to File Manager

On your game panel, navigate to File Manager tab, here you’ll see the game files.

4. Rename the Bepinex folder

Rename the  BepInEx folder into something of your choice for me I’ll go with


<File Manager>/home/container/BepInEx
 <File Manager>/home/container/BepInEx_OFF
Install Mods Valheim Server

4. Reboot your Valheim Server

Congratulations you have a un Modded Valheim game server


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