Valheim Dedicated Server Console Commands, Creative Mode, Item Prefab List

Using the Console

The console is a developer / debugging tool and should only be used if you know what you’re doing or accept the risks of using it (i.e. ruining your saved world or character)

Warning for Experienced Players TooEven if you’re an intermediate to advanced gamer (lol) and have used consoles / debugging tools in other games, you do need to take extra care in this one because it’s early access and the features are limited.


  • Backup your worlds / characters / Valheim folder
  • Create a new test character and test world to try things first
  • Don’t spawn things inside your house/base
  • This guide is meant to be a reference and will not hold your hand
  • Whenever you use a command or press a hotkey related to the console, messages will sometimes pop up in the top left corner notifying you of any errors or if the command worked. Pay attention to these.
  • Before asking for help, check if the guide already answers your question (CTRL + F to search). If you can’t find the answer, then copy/paste the command you are running as you’ve typed it and any messages from the console. Share this info with me when you ask your question in the comments.
  • Don’t blatantly cheat and grief public games… this is for singleplayer, with friends, server admins, debugging, and modding only. Abuse of this system can lead to bans.

Backup your Valheim/Worlds/Characters folders

  1. Folders are located at: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim
  2. Press Windows key + R and type appdata (and press enter)
  3. Navigate to the path above
  4. Copy your entire Valheim folder and rename it as Valheim_Backup

How to Enable the Console/CheatsPress F5 while in game and typeimacheaterto enable cheats (not all commands need cheats) then typehelpto list available commands.

Note: You need to be the server host to use cheats or possibly an admin with permissions set in a config file but there are reports that only server hosts can use them.

If this guide helps you any, then please consider feeding me your points via the award system thanks. (or you know smash that lightly press the like button and favorite to easily find the guide in-game)Non-Cheat Commands

  • help (outputs commands into console, more commands are available with cheatmode on)
  • kick [name / ip / userID]
  • ban [name / ip / userID]
  • unban [name / ip / userID]
  • banned (outputs a list of banned players in console)
  • ping (outputs your ping)
  • fov [number]
  • lodbias

Cheat Commands

How to Read this List:

  • Anything between parentheses ( ) is a comment describing the command. (don’t type these)
  • Anything in brackets [ ] are arguments that the command takes. (don’t add the brackets when using the commands)
  • Not every command has arguments and sometimes not all arguments are required
wind [angle] [intensity 0-1] To use this in game you would replace [angle] and [intensity] with numbers.

wind 45 0.5goto [x] [z] (teleport to coordinates) goto 0 0 goto 25 60 

spawn [prefabName] [amount] [level] spawn Troll (spawns 1 troll)

spawn Troll 1 2 (spawns a single level 2 troll) spawn Troll 5 (spawns 5 trolls)

beard [BeardName] (Use Beard1, Beard2, etc) debugmode (creative mode see below for info) dpsdebug (toggle damage per second debug) event [eventName] (start an event) exploremap (remove fog of war) freefly (toggles flying) genloc ("generates locations" or in other words, probably break your dungeons; don't use) ghost god (enables godmode) goto [x] [z] (teleport to coordinates) hair [HairName] (Use Hair1, Hair2, etc) heal imacheater (toggle cheat mode) killall (kills nearby enemies/creatures) location (set spawn location) model [0 or 1] players [number] (scales the difficulty see more info below) pos (prints your coordinates) puke raiseskill [skillName] [amount] (adds amount of levels to skill) randomevent (starts random event) removedrops (removes all items on ground) resetcharacter (resets skills and inventory) resetmap (cover map in fog) resetskill [skillName] (reset skill to zero) resetwind save skiptime [seconds] sleep (fast forwards time by one day. watch as the sun and moon zoom by) spawn [prefabName] [amount] [level] stopevent tame (tames nearby creatures) wind [angle] [intensity 0-1] Difficulty Scaling(Writing this off memory so there may be mistakes or changes with updates)

By default, for every player within a 200 (meter?) radius, the damage of enemies will increase by 4% for each player and health will increase by 40% for each player. You can override this with the players command.

players 2Would increase the health and damage as if there were (only) 2 players on the server.
Set it to 25 for example, and enemies would do double damage and have 10x more health (if my math is correct).Triggering EventsEvent Commandsevent [eventName] (start an event) randomevent stopevent
Event NamesArmies / Raids
army_eikthyr army_goblin army_theelder wolves skeletons army_bonemass army_moder blobs foresttrolls surtlings Neat Weather and Particle Effects(?)
Warning: Some of these can kill you and are not just effects
boss_eikthyr boss_bonemass boss_moder boss_gdking boss_goblinking Changing Your Skillsraiseskill [skillName] [amount] (adds amount of levels to skill) resetskill [skillName] (reset skill to zero) resetcharacter (resets skills and inventory)
Raise skill *adds* the [amount] to that skill. It does not set it to that amount.

Examples:Let’s say your swim skill is currently at level 10.
raiseskill swim 5 Now your swim skill is 15. ( 10 + 5 = 15)

Negative values work too.
raiseskill swim -10 Now it’s level 5. ( 15 + -10 = 5)

It will not go over 100.
raiseskill swim 9000 Swim skill becomes 100.

Skill ListNormal Skills

  • axes
  • blocking
  • bows
  • clubs
  • jump
  • knives
  • pickaxes
  • polearms
  • run
  • sneak
  • spears
  • swim
  • swords
  • unarmed
  • woodcutting

Exist in the game but don’t do anything / are used for other things

  • all
  • firemagic
  • frostmagic
  • none

Changing Your Appearance Without Modsbeard [BeardName] (Use Beard1, Beard2, etc) hair [HairName] (Use Hair1, Hair2, etc) model [IndexNumber] (change gender; use 0 or 1; maybe it will have more in the future)
beard Beard1 hair Hair1 model 1 beard Beard2 hair Hair3 model 0 If you don’t specify a beard/hair, it will default to bald.
beard hair “Creative” ModeHow to Enable Creative/Debug Mode

  1. Follow the steps above to enable cheatmode
  2. Type “debugmode” into the console without quotes
  3. For the full creative mode experience, enable god mode too, just by typing “god”.

Controls and Features

  • Z – Toggles Flying
  • B – No Placement Cost
  • K – Kills all monsters
  • Using “No Placement Cost” mode (B) you can repair all equipment from your inventory, place buildings for free with a hammer, and craft items for free from your inventory.

To disable:

  1. Turn off any enabled features (Z for flying, B for freebuild)
  2. Type debugmode again
  3. Type imacheater again
  4. You’ll see messages saying “debug mode false” “cheats false”, everything should be disabled if you did it correctly.

How to Spawn Items, Enemies, and Other ThingsThis command is for advanced users only, if you’re just trying to spawn tools or buildings then refer to the creative mode section above.

Another Warning:
I really can’t stress enough how using the spawn command will break your game if you don’t know what you’re doing. Without mods, you cannot remove spawned entities.

Using the spawn command:
spawn [ItemPrefabName] [Amount] [level]
spawn FineWood 100 (spawns 100 fine wood on the floor) spawn Wood (spawns 1) spawn Troll 1 10 (spawns a level 10 troll; note that stars only show for the first few levels and a level 10 would drop a ludicrous amount of loot)
Note: When you spawn something it spawns above ground around head-level, so play with this in a test world first. You can dig a hole, stand in the hole, spawn the object on the higher ground, and refill the hole. This leaves you with an entity placed on the ground if done right.

See below for an entire list of all named items and entities sorted A-Z. (CAPITALIZATION DOES MATTER) Press CTRL + F to search the list.

! W A R N I N G !Warning: Be careful what you spawn (try it in a test world first or make backups) as there’s no remove command. If you think spawning 100 dragons in the middle of a base that you don’t want to lose would be a bad idea, then you’re probably right and should reconsider your life choices. Some of these things can outright break your save which is why I warn that it’s for advanced users only.Prefab Quick SearchA shorter list of common prefabs not in any particular order. ( Comment below which things you spawn often or would be most useful here )


  • AxeBlackMetal
  • AxeBronze
  • AxeFlint
  • AxeIron
  • AxeStone


  • PickaxeAntler
  • PickaxeBronze
  • PickaxeIron
  • PickaxeStone


  • Bow
  • BowFineWood
  • BowHuntsman
  • BowDraugrFang

Melee WeaponsSwords

  • SwordBlackmetal
  • SwordBronze
  • SwordCheat (god slaying lightsaber)
  • SwordIron
  • SwordIronFire (flaming sword)
  • SwordSilver


  • SpearBronze
  • SpearChitin
  • SpearElderbark
  • SpearFlint
  • SpearWolfFang


  • MeadFrostResist
  • MeadHealthMedium
  • MeadHealthMinor
  • MeadPoisonResist
  • MeadStaminaMedium
  • MeadStaminaMinor
  • MeadTasty


  • Sausages
  • SerpentMeatCooked
  • SerpentStew


  • RoundLog (this is the Core Wood Log name! lots of people have been asking for this)
  • ElderBark (this is Ancient Bark)


  • Haldor (this is the merchant, and he does work if you spawn him but the long term effects were not tested)


  • Bonemass
  • Dragon
  • Eikthyr
  • gd_king (The Elder)
  • GoblinKing (Yagluth)

BossStones (if you wanted to move the power stone things to your base)

  • BossStone_Bonemass
  • BossStone_DragonQueen
  • BossStone_Eikthyr
  • BossStone_TheElder
  • BossStone_Yagluth


  • Troll

Spawners for custom arenas: ( not thoroughly tested; only the GreydwarfNest, DraugrPile, and BonePileSpawner can be destroyed/removed )

  • BonePileSpawner
  • Spawner_Blob
  • Spawner_BlobElite
  • Spawner_Boar
  • Spawner_Draugr
  • Spawner_Draugr_Elite
  • Spawner_Draugr_Noise
  • Spawner_Draugr_Ranged
  • Spawner_Draugr_Ranged_Noise
  • Spawner_Draugr_respawn_30
  • Spawner_DraugrPile
  • Spawner_Fenring
  • Spawner_Fish4
  • Spawner_Ghost
  • Spawner_Goblin
  • Spawner_GoblinArcher
  • Spawner_GoblinBrute
  • Spawner_GoblinShaman
  • Spawner_Greydwarf
  • Spawner_Greydwarf_Elite
  • Spawner_Greydwarf_Shaman
  • Spawner_GreydwarfNest
  • Spawner_Hatchling
  • Spawner_imp
  • Spawner_imp_respawn
  • Spawner_Leech_cave
  • Spawner_Location_Elite
  • Spawner_Location_Greydwarf
  • Spawner_Location_Shaman
  • Spawner_Skeleton
  • Spawner_Skeleton_night_noarcher
  • Spawner_Skeleton_poison
  • Spawner_Skeleton_respawn_30
  • Spawner_StoneGolem
  • Spawner_Troll
  • Spawner_Wraith

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