risk of rain server

How to Install Risk of Rain 2 Server with Bepinex Mod support

Place an order for the Risk of Rain 2 server here.

After you have packed an order you will receive logins details to the game panel

Login to the game panel

Here you will see the server IP and port

Risk of Rain Server IP and Port
Risk of Rain Server IP and Port

To change the server variables go to the startup menu

Risk of rain startup menu
startup menu

Here you can set your risk of rain 2 server

  • hostname
  • password
  • max players
  • Set query and Steam port
  • AUto update the server
  • BepInex install- After enabling this a restart of the server is needed for Bepinex to be enabled on your risk of rain server
Risk of Rain Server varibales

Restart your server for the changes to take place.

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