How to see who is on your Rust server

In this guide, we will show you how you can see who is on your Rust server


Anybody can use this method on any server to see who is playing at the moment. The disadvantage is that players that have invisible status on their steam account will not be displayed in this list.

Simply press shift + tab and the steam overlay will pop up. Then, click on the “view players” button and a list of players connected to the server will be shown.

player list
player list


This method is admin only. You can do it in your server control panel in the console section or in the in-game console as a server admin. This method also displays all players even if they have invisible status on steam.

Navigate to your server control panel and execute this command in the console section:

control panel console
control panel console

You can also execute it in the in-game console. You have to be a Rust server admin for this method to work. Check our guide on how to became an admin on your Rust server.

in-game console
in-game console

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