Spwan point Project zomboid server

How to set up spawn point in project zomboid server

Set up spawn Point

1) Open – Project Zomboid online map 

Project Zomboid Map

2) Press “Map coordinates” (lowest option on the left menu)

pz map coordinates

3) Press “Lock Coords” and proceed to select the point you want your spawnpoint to be. A green point should appear.

4) Copy the coordinates (ignore “Cell” and “Rel” values, all you need is value from a line that looks like this: “Coords: 8626×9646”

5) Open your in-game server settings, open “Spawn Regions” category (sixth option from top), look at the “SpawnPoint” input window. Change “0,0,0” value to your coordinates.

“SpawnPoint=0,0,0” to “SpawnPoint= 8626,9546 ,0”


For example if your coordinates are ” 8626×9546 “, value you type in should be ” 8626,9546 ,0 “

Zero at the end is height value. 0 – ground level, 1 is second floor height, etc.
Don’t change it from 0 unless you want to specifically spawn on a second floor of a house.

6) Save the “servertest.ini” and reboot your server.

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