LifeSteal SMP Plugin

The LifeSteal SMP Plugin is arrived! With this amazing plugin, you can take your Minecraft server to the next level. You may improve gameplay by adding or removing hearts while killing or dying, with LifeSteal SMP Set the maximum number of hearts permitted and quickly customise the plugin’s settings to meet the needs of your server.

In this article we will be using plugin “LifeSteal SMP“, If you don’t know how to use plugins on your Minecraft server, then please take a look at this article “How to install plugins on your Minecraft server

How to configure the plugin?

1- Go to your server’s control panel and stop your server, then go to the “Files” tab, then head to this directory “home/container/plugins/LifeStealSMP/SETTINGS.YML” from here you will be able to control almost every aspect of the plugin

Commands & Permissions


  • Command: /ls add playerName amount Description: Allows you to add hearts to a player.
  • Command: /ls remove playerName amount Description: Allows you to remove hearts from a player.
  • Command: /ls set playerName amount Description: Allows you to set a player’s hearts.
  • Command: /ls customheart Description: Gives you a custom heart.
  • Command: /ls revivetool Description: Gives you a revive beacon.
  • Command: /ls reload Description: Reloads the plugin.
  • Command: /ls recipe [toolName] Description: Shows the recipe of the tool.
  • Command: /ls withdraw [amount] Description: Withdraws hearts.
  • Command: /ls migrate Description: Migrates data for the online players from IkeVodoo’s LS to my LS plugin.


  • Permission: ls.admin Description: Gives access to /ls set, /ls remove, /ls add, /ls migrate commands.
  • Permission: ls.tools.heart Description: Gives access to /ls customheart command.
  • Permission: ls.tools.revive Description: Gives access to /ls revivetool command.
  • Permission: ls.reload Description: Gives access to /ls reload command.
  • Permission: ls.craft.revive Description: Allows you to craft revive beacon.
  • Permission: ls.craft.heart Description: Allows you to craft custom heart.
  • Permission: ls.craft.tracker Description: Allows you to craft the player tracker.

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Youssef Ayman

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