Rust Rcon Server Console Commands

You must have access to RCON by either ownerid or moderatorid to use server commands or variable

Server Settings/Controls

  • chat.serverlog <true/false (default true)> – If true, chat will be logged to the console
  • echo “text” – Prints text to the server console
  • env.time – 
  • event.run – Sends an airdrop from a random direction to drop crates at (0,0,0)
  • find <name or . for all> – Search for a command
  • say “message” – Broadcasts a message in chat to ALL players
  • server.globalchat <true/false (default true?)> – If true, chat will be broadcasted to ALL players
  • server.hostname “server name” – Sets the server name
  • server.identity “identity” – Sets the server’s identity. This is used for the folder name of the server data
  • server.level “map name” : Sets the server’s map
  • server.maxplayers <number (default 500)> – Sets the maximum amount of players that can connect
  • server.port <number (default 28015)> – Sets the connection port of the server
  • server.save – Forces the server to save the map and player data
  • server.saveinterval <number (default 60)> – Sets the server’s auto-save interval
  • server.secure <true/false (default true)> – If true, EAC will kick banned or unregistered users upon joining
  • server.seed <number (default 123456)> – Sets the server’s map generation seed
  • server.stability true/false – If true, structure stability is enabled on the server
  • server.start – Uhh… starts your server? Wait, isn’t it already running?
  • server.stop “reason” – Stops yours server with a specified reason
  • server.tickrate <number (default 30)> – Uhh… sets the tick rate?
  • server.worldsize <number (default 4000)> – Sets the size of the map/world
  • server.writecfg – Writes and saves server configuration files
  • quit – Saves everything and stops the server

Player Administration

  • ban “player name” “reason”
  • banid <steamid64> “player name” “reason”
  • banlist – List of banned users
  • banlistex – List of banned users with reasons and usernames
  • kick <steamid64> “player name” “reason” – Kicks player, with optional reason
  • kickall <invalid parameter, just put “”> “reason” – Kicks all players, with optional reason
  • listid <steamid64> – List of banned users by Steam ID
  • moderatorid <steamid64> “player name” “reason” – Sets player as a server moderator with auth level 1
  • ownerid <steamid64> “player name” “reason” – Sets player as a server admin with auth level 2
  • removemoderator <steamid64> – Removes player as moderator
  • removeowner <steamid64> – Removes player as owner
  • unban <steamid64> – Unbans player by Steam ID

Player Controls

  • chat.say – Sends a message from the in-game F1 console to the in-game chat as player
  • craft.add –
  • craft.cancel –
  • craft.canceltask –
  • find <name or . for all> – Search for a command
  • inventory.endloot –
  • inventory.give –
  • inventory.giveid –
  • inventory.givebp –
  • kill – Suicide/kill yourself
  • quit – Saves everything and closes the game
  • respawn – Force yourself to respawn
  • respawn_sleepingbag – Force yourself to respawn in your sleeping bag
  • sleep –
  • spectate –
  • wakeup –


  • players – Shows currently connected clients
  • status – Shows currently connected clients
  • users – Show user info for players on server


  • colliders –
  • ddraw.arrow –
  • ddraw.line –
  • ddraw.sphere –
  • ddraw.text –
  • dev.culling –
  • dev.hidelayer –
  • dev.sampling –
  • dev.showlayer –
  • dev.togglelayer –
  • entity.debug_toggle –
  • entity.nudge –
  • gc.collect – Recollects unused memory and unloads unused assets
  • objects –
  • perf – Print out performance data
  • physics_iterations <number (default: 7)> – The default solver iteration count permitted for any rigid bodies. Must be positive
  • physics_steps ?? – The amount of physics steps per second
  • queue – Shows the stability and surroundings queues
  • report – Generates a report of all spawned entities in the server’s root directory
  • textures – Lists the loaded textures

Oxide Specific

  • oxide.load “file name” – Loads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. lua, js, py)
  • oxide.reload “file name” – Reloads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. lua, js, py)
  • oxide.unload “file name” – Unloads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. lua, js, py)
  • version – Displays the Oxide version and the Rust network protocol version in the console

More Rust Server Commands

admin.mutevoice “player”
admin.unmutevoice [player]Unmute a players or admins in-game capability of speaking
admin.mutechat “player”Mute a players in-game capability of speaking in the in-game chat
admin.unmutechat “player”Unmute a players in-game capability of speaking in the in-game chat
global.statusstatusPrint out currently connected clients etcOnly available for admins nowadays.
global.kick “player”kick “player”Kick a player/Admin
global.kickallkickall “reason”Kick everyone in the game
global.ban “player”ban “player”Banish a player/Admin
global.moderatorid “SteamID”moderatorid “SteamID”Make a player moderatorAuthLevel 1, (Moderator)
global.ownerid “SteamID”ownerid “SteamID”Make a player/moderator ownerAuthLevel 2, (Admin)
global.removemoderator “SteamID”removemoderator “SteamID”Remove a moderator
global.removeowner “SteamID”removeowner “SteamID”Remove an owner
global.banid “SteamID”banid “SteamID”on description
global.unban “SteamID”unban “SteamID”no description
global.playersplayersPrint out currently connected clients etc
global.say “text”say “text”Sends a message in chat
global.users( )usersShow user info for players on server.
global.banlistbanlistList of banned users (sourceds compat)
global.banlistex( )banlistexList of banned users – shows reasons and usernames
global.listid( )listidList of banned users, by ID (sourceds compat)
chat.say “text”chat.say “text”Prints your text in the chat e.g “t0kenz: Hello”
draft.add( void )no description
craft.canceltask( void )no description
craft.cancel( void )no description
data.export( void )no description
entity.debug_toggle( void )no description
entity.nudge( void )no description
env.addtime( void )no description
event.run( void )no description
gc.collect( void )no description
global.restart( )restartRestart the server – with 300 seconds warning at 5 second intervals.
global.quit( )quitLeave the game
global.report( void )reportno description
global.objects( void )objectsno description
global.textures( void )texturesno description
global.colliders( void )collidersno description
global.error( void )errorno description
global.queue( void )queueno description
global.setinfo( void )setinfono description
global.sleep( void )sleepno description
global.kill( void )killSuicide commandUsed for respawning
global.respawn( void )respawnno description
global.injure( void )injureno description
global.spectate( void )spectateno description
global.respawn_sleepingbag( void )no description
global.respawn_sleepingbag_remove( void )no description
global.teleport( void )teleport “name”no description
global.teleport2me( void )teleport2me “name”no description
global.teleportany( void )teleportany “bear, deer..”no description
global.cleanup( void )cleanupon description
hierarchy.ls( void )no description
hierarchy.cd( void )no description
hierarchy.del( void )no description
inventory.endloot( void )on description
inventory.give( void )no description
inventory.giveall( void )no description
inventory.givebpall( void )no description
inventory.giveto( void )no description
inventory.giveid( void )no description
inventory.givearm( void )no description
inventory.givebp( void )no description
pool.status( void )no description
pool.clear( void )on description
server.start( )Starts a server
server.stop( string DisconnectMessage )Stops a server
server.backup( )Backup server folder
server.writecfg( )writecfgWrites config files
server.fps( void )no description
server.save( )saveForce save the current game
server.readcfg( void )no description
spawn.fill_populations( void )no description
spawn.fill_groups( void )no description
weather.clouds( void )no description
weather.fog( void )no description
weather.wind( void )no description
weather.rain [value]Sets the rain factor where 0 is none and 1.0 is 100%.Using anything other than a valid value will set it to “auto”.
world.monuments( void )prints pos of all monuments and caves to consoleDISABLED
global.dump( void )dump server diagnostics to [rust>rustds>diagnostics]
global.find( string Name )Search for a command
global.echo( string output )Prints something to the debug output
airdrop.drop( void )no description
cui.test( void )no description
global.ent killent killDestroys/kills the entity you’re targeting (looking at)Useful binding for admins:bind q “ent kill”
global.ent lockent locklocks the sign/painting you’re targeting (looking at)
global.ent unlockent unlockunlocks the sign/painting you’re targeting (looking at)

Server Variablesedit | edit source

aianimation.groundorientno descriptionTrueBoolean
aianimation.speedscaleno descriptionTrueBoolean
aianimation.qualitydistanceno description100
lerp.enabledEnables interpolation on network positionsTrueBoolean
lerp.smoothingThe higher this value the more post process smoothing applied. 0 = accurate, 1 = smooth0.50 – 1.0
lerp.timeHow many seconds behind to lerp. 0 is the most accurate but can be the most jittery0.1
ai.thinkno descriptionTrueBoolean
ai.moveno descriptionTrueBoolean
ai.sensetimeno description1
antihack.enabledis antihack enabled at allTrueBoolean
antihack.userlevel0 == users, 1 == admins, 2 == developers00 – 2
antihack.enforcementlevel0 == no enforcement, 1 == kick, 2 == ban (DISABLED)00 – 2
antihack.relaxationratethe rate at which violation values go back down0.1
antihack.relaxationpausethe time before violation values go back down5
antihack.maxviolationviolation value above this results in enforcement5
antihack.noclip_protection0 == disabled, 1 == raycast, 2 == spherecast20 – 2
antihack.noclip_rejectwhether or not to reject movement when noclip is detectedTrueBoolean
antihack.noclip_penaltyviolation penalty to hand out when noclip is detected4
antihack.speedhack_protection0 == disabled, 1 == enabled1
antihack.speedhack_rejectwhether or not to reject movement when speedhack is detectedFalseBoolean
antihack.speedhack_penaltyviolation penalty to hand out when speedhack is detected4
antihack.speedhack_forgivenessspeed threshold to assume speedhacking, lower value = more false positives2
antihack.speedhack_deltatimetime interval to calculate speed in, lower value = more false positives0.2
antihack.speedhack_ticketsrequired number of speeding tickets to trigger a violation15
antihack.speedhack_historyspeeding ticket history length20
antihack.flyhack_protection0 == disabled, 1 == simple, 2 == advanced10 – 2
antihack.flyhack_rejectwhether or not to reject movement when flyhack is detectedFalseBoolean
antihack.flyhack_penaltyviolation penalty to hand out when flyhack is detected4
antihack.flyhack_forgivenessdistance threshold to assume flyhacking, lower value = more false positives2
antihack.debuglevel0 == silent, 1 == print max violation, 2 == print every violation10 – 2
chat.enabledEnable or disable chat displayingTrueBoolean
chat.serverlogno descriptionTrueBoolean
construct.frameminutesHow many minutes before a placed frame gets destroyed30
craft.instantno descriptionFalseBoolean
decay.scaleno description1
decay.debugno descriptionFalseBoolean
env.timeTime of day. 12 is midday.120 – 24.0
file.timeno descriptionFalseBoolean
fps.limitThe maximum number of frames to render per second256
fps.graphno description0
global.developerno description0
global.safemodeno descriptionFalseBoolean
global.debugmodeno descriptionFalseBoolean
global.warmupno descriptionTrueBoolean
global.censornudityno descriptionTrueBoolean
global.perfno description0
global.godIf you’re an admin this will enable god modeTrueBoolean
global.skincolIf you’re an admin you can change your skin colour using this variable (0-1)-1
global.skintexIf you’re an admin you can change your skin texture using this variable (0-1)-1
global.skinmeshIf you’re an admin you can change your head mesh using this variable (0-1)-1
graphics.shadowlightsno description1
graphics.drawdistanceno description2500
graphics.fovno description75
graphics.hudno descriptionTrueBoolean
graphics.chatno descriptionTrueBoolean
graphics.brandingno descriptionTrueBoolean
graphics.dofno descriptionFalseBoolean
graphics.qualityThe currently selected quality level0
graphics.shadowdistanceno description100
graphics.lodbiasno description0.5
graphics.shaderlodno description2147483647
graphics.uiscaleno description1
graphics.afno description0
graphics.parallaxno description0
net.visdebugTurns on debug display of network visibilityFalseBoolean
net.debugno descriptionFalseBoolean
net.logno descriptionFalseBoolean
physics.bouncethresholdno description2
physics.sleepthresholdno description0.005
physics.solveriterationcountThe default solver iteration count permitted for any rigid bodies (default 7). Must be positive3
physics.stepsThe amount of physics steps per second30.003
server.ipno description
server.portno description28015
server.maxplayersno description200
server.hostnameno description
server.identityno descriptionmy_server_identity
server.levelno descriptionProcedural Map
server.seedno description8675309
server.worldsizeno description4000
server.saveintervalno description300
server.secureno descriptionTrueBoolean
server.tickrateno description10
server.entityrateno description16
server.officialno descriptionFalseBoolean
server.globalchatno descriptionTrueBoolean
server.stabilityno descriptionTrueBoolean
server.radiationno descriptionFalseBoolean
server.npctickrateno description5
server.itemdespawnno description180
server.aihandlermsno description50
server.pveno descriptionFalseBoolean
server.descriptionno descriptionNo server description has been provided.
server.headerimageno description
server.urlno description
server.eacno description1
server.planttickPlants tick every x seconds. This is how many seconds between ticks.60
server.planttickscaleSetting this to 2 will make plants grow, fruit and die two times faster than normal.1
server.maxunackMax amount of unacknowledged messages before we assume we’re congested4
server.rootfolderno descriptionserver/my_server_identity
server.backupfolderno descriptionbackup/0/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder1no descriptionbackup/1/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder2no descriptionbackup/2/my_server_identity
server.backupfolder3no descriptionbackup/3/my_server_identity
server.compressionno descriptionFalseBoolean
server.netlogno descriptionTrueBoolean
spawn.min_rateno description0.1
spawn.max_rateno description1
spawn.min_densityno description0.1
spawn.max_densityno description1
terrain.qualityno description100
terrain.pvtno descriptionFalseBoolean
time.fixeddeltaFixed delta time in seconds0.03333
time.maxdeltaThe minimum amount of times to tick per frame0.33
vis.damageTurns on debug display of damagesFalseBoolean
vis.attackTurns on debug display of attacksFalseBoolean
vis.metabTurns on debug display of metabolismFalseBoolean
vis.triggersShow trigger entriesFalseBoolean
voice.loopbackno descriptionFalseBoolean
water.qualityno description0
rcon.passwordno description1234
rcon.portno description0
rcon.ipno description127.0.0.1
nametags.enabledno descriptionTrueBoolean


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