Anvil Plugin

this article is to provide an overview of the “Anvil” plugin, which extends the capabilities of the standard anvil block. With this plugin, you can access an anvil from anywhere, have unlimited anvil usage, repair items beyond the cost limit, adjust renaming costs, use colour codes when renaming, and enjoy the convenience of instant virtual anvils by simply right-clicking anvil items.

In this article we will be using plugin “Anvil“, If you don’t know how to use plugins on your Minecraft server, then please take a look at this article “How to install plugins on your Minecraft server

How to configure the plugin?

1- Go to your server’s control panel and stop your server, then go to the “Files” tab, then head to this directory “home/container/plugins/Anvil/config.yml” from here you will be able to control almost every aspect of the plugin

Commands & Permissions


  1. /anvil – Opens a virtual anvil.


  1. anvil.use – Allows the user to use the /anvil command.
  2. anvil.unbreakable – Grants the user the ability to make anvils unbreakable.
  3. anvil.colour – Enables the usage of color codes with anvils.
  4. anvil.virtual – Allows the user to open the anvil GUI by right-clicking an anvil in the main hand.

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