Fix error: Set PluginClassLoader as parallel capable

This article will discuss the “Set PluginClassLoader as parallel capable” and provide insights into why you might be experiencing this problem, as well as how to resolve it!

Why am I getting this error?

If you’re experiencing the error message “Set PluginClassLoader as parallel capable” and your Minecraft server fails to start, it may indicate that you’ve installed a plugin from an untrusted source. nulled or leaked software often contains backdoors or malicious code that can harm your server. It is highly unrecommended to install software from unofficial sources, as it can pose a significant risk to your server’s security

How to resolve this error?

To resolve this error, remove any plugins that were not downloaded from official sources such as Spigot or BukkitDev. This should help resolve your issue, and in case you’re uncertain which plugin is responsible for the problem, you can delete or disable plugins individually until you pinpoint the one causing it!

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