How to connect to Risk of Rain 2 server

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to connect to a Risk f rain 2 server

We have two ways to connect to a Server of Risk of Rain 2: via the Steam Client Server Browser, and via the in-game console.

Connect via Steam Client Server Browser

Servers can be viewed in the Steam client’s “View -> Servers” window.

Open steam view>servers and click favorites

add your pz server to steam
Add the server to steam

Click add server and paste the IP address and port that you copied

add your pz server to steam
add your pz server to steam

after adding the server to steam you will see the server listed

And now you can select and connect to your server.

Via Risk of Rain 2 In-Game Developer Console

If you already know the IP, port, and password of a server, you can connect to it via the Risk of Rain 2 in-game developer console.

  1. Open Risk of Rain 2 through Steam
  2. Open the in-game developer console by pressing (Ctrl + Alt + `) at any time.  If the final key—the grave accent key—seems hard to find, worry not: it’s the key beneath the Escape key, immediately to the left of the number 1 on most common keyboards.
  3. Join by submitting a console command in the following format, keeping all quotation marks intact:
    cl_password “XXXXX”; connect “YYYYY:ZZZZZ”;
    Replace “XXXXX” with the password, or leave it as “” if there is no password. Replace “YYYYY” with the server’s IP address and “ZZZZZ” with the server’s port.

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